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To post a message, click here or send an e-mail to

In the Subject line, please write: Kokosing Message Board - please post

If you would like your e-mail address included in the message please say so - otherwise, it will be omitted. Messages will be posted in a few days at most, barring the demands of work and bath time - not mine, the kids.

For those of you who have already submitted more narrative-style memories over the past few weeks, I have moved that part of your writing to the 'Writing Gallery' where we would also like to post short (1-2 paragraph) updates on what you are doing now and how you got there. Please send your bio!!! Click here for the e-mail address. - DK

04-13 Rich Whitehill Sorry about the late notice, but if anyone needs a place to crash - I will drive to an otherwise empty house on long island after the reunion - it's about 45 minutes from manhattan. no maid service but the price is right. rich whitehill
04-13 Rob Rosenthal

Hi. I'd like to connect with people coming in from Connecticut for the reunion; I have to get back that night, and would like to share a ride. Do you have the address info in a form that would allow you to let me know who's living in CT now? Rob

Rob Rosenthal
Professor of Sociology
Director, Wesleyan Service-Learning Center Center for Community Partnerships 167 High Street Middletown, CT 06459-0012

04-13 Mark Zeisler Robin Rose was kind enough to clue me in to the reunion, and I will be sad to miss it this weekend. I would love to hear from anyone who was at Kokosing in the the Summer of '71. Hope that you all have a great time !.
04-09 Lonnie Lore Beer Yes Rick, there will be canoeing, swimming, a softball tournament as well as a full scale production of Guys and Dolls the night of the reunion. Peggy flew in weeks ago to direct. I guess you didn't get a part. Too bad. We've been working like crazy people trying to squeeze in rehearsals with commuting back and forth to our various hometowns. But it's not too late for you to volunteer to work on the 2005 edition of the Kokosinger. All articles to be written at the reunion. We may have to pull an all-nighter to get it done by deadline. Looking forward to reminiscing about all the wonderful times we had, even if we can't actually rent a lake or a rec hall or a mimeograph machine for the evening.
04-08 Melinda Meadow Hi! My brother Billy and I attended Kokosing in the mid 60's. To this day whenever the topic of summer camp comes up, I sit there smugly and think "You don't know what summer camp can be unless you went to Kokosing." Easily among the best summers of my life! (I made my kids go to a summer camp-hoping they'd love it too -they did!) When David Hechler called me this morning after 40 years I didn't miss a beat placing his name and face. So much fun to read about our memories. I'd love to see everyone at the reunion -still trying to work that out. Living and working in the Boston area. I'd love to hear from the We Five Plus Two - if you're out there.
04-06 Paul Lehrman Here's the personnel for the recording of Wild Horses: Barry Mazor, lead vocal; Josh Gillenson, lead guitar; Rob Rosenthal, second guitar and harmony vocals on the chorus; Paul Lehrman, bass and harmony vocals on the chorus; Alan Medville, harmony vocals on the verses; and Jeff Lawin, drums. Recorded live, direct to two-track, at Schoolhouse Studio, Camp Kokosing, Thetford Center, Vermont, some late night in August, 1971.
04-06 Rick Weisfeld Has anybody else heard the rumor that there will be canoeing and swimming at the reunion Saturday night? I am trying to figure out if I should bring my bathing suit. If anyone knows anything, post it and let the rest of us know.
04-03 Liz Hecht Ward Linda Rothenberg found my sister and Joanne passed the news of the reunion on to me. Since then, I have overwhelmed with memories of my years at Kokosing (61-66), the train ride from Grand Central to White River Junction, my broken arm when I fell in the truck to late nights in the cabin on the hill working on the Kokosinger. The Friday night socials, Grover's 'friendly' face at meal time. Gumperts instant everything, bug juice. Canoe trips, mountain climbing trips, and as an older camper the cherished night in Hanover. I haven't seen mention of trips to the Newport Folk Festival. I remember going to the festival at least once and having an amazing time. I still have some of the music books I bought there. I even still have a couple of the Kokosing song books. I have happily been back in touch w/Donna Rothenberg and Nancy Rothenberg. My husband and I have a motorcycle trip planned to San Francisco and I hope to see Nancy. I have lived in Southern California for the last 34 years. I currently live in Northridge with my husband, Jerry. We have two daughters, Deborah 23 and Shaina 20. I am unable to get back to NY for the reunion, but I am sending my sister, also a former camper, for a full report. I will look forward to hearing from anyone from Kokosing.
04-02 Barry Mazor By the later years, the Kokosing Alma Mater was reserved for the last moments of the Final Banquet nights at the end of each year--but we surely did sing it, as surely as a linked-arms "We Shall Overcome" preceded it. Somebody may still know who wrote the Alma Mater back when--but the tune is a bit like an Americanized version of that old worldwide hit, "The Interationale"! As for the person responsible for the Mick Jagger "salute" with slight Gram Parsons twang twinge vocal on "Wild Horses"--guilty as charged. It is very odd to hear that after 34 years.
04-01 Alan Medville I just listened to the recording of Wild Horses that Paul put on the website. That was a great blast from the past and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks, Paul. Who was that on lead vocals? Anyone want to claim credit?
04-01 Rachel Schulson A lot of people have asked me about Jeff Baulknight. I was able to track down a relative of a Jeffrey Baulknight who said that Jeff had been in the military and now lived in Japan with a Japanese wife and three children and hadn't been back in the US in ten years. I found the relative through an obituary for Jeff's mother and it sounds like he has no immediate family left. Even this relative didn't seem to know Jeff well (thought he was the Jeff Baulknight who went to Kokosing but wasn't sure) and didn't have an address for him. He gave me an email address that wasn't current. I left my information with him in case Jeff got in touch but nothing has come of it.
04-01 Andy Seiler Hi. This is Andy Seiler. Does anybody remember me? I think I attended Kokosing in 1970, 1971 and 1972. Barry Mazor was my counselor, I remember him singing Bob Dylan's obscure Sign on the Window (title could be wrong) on his autoharp onstage. The wonderful, lovely Robin Rose also performed something in that show, singing and strumming, if memory serves, Neil Young's After the Goldrush. I also worked with Barry on the newspaper. Barry, you must have done something right. That "job" started me on a long path that led indirectly to my being hired as an entertainment reporter at USA TODAY in 1995! I reported on movies there till about a year ago when I was attacked by a terrible, rare virus called Ramsay Hunt. I'm getting brain surgery because of this disabling, painful after-effects (Trigeminal Neuralgia) on April 6th. So obviously I won't be able to make it to the reunion! Of the people who have posted here, I also remember Cookie Freeman very well. Some folks who don't seem to be mentioned here: I went to Vassar College with Kokosing-ites Cliff Spanierman and Vicky Fox. I am still in touch with clever, delightful Jennifer Zogott (Levy). I'd love to know what happened to my buddy, Cleveland's Peter Goldman (who played the narrator in The Royal Hunt of the Sun), and the deeply cool semi-counselor Jeff Balknight. Does anybody know? By the way, I was in that production of Guys and Dolls in the small role of Joey Biltmore. I wish I could attend the reunion. Maybe next time. By the way, I live in DC, in case anyone else does.
04-01 Leah Rachlis That is too funny, I was just looking at the '71 "Final" reading the account of the "Lowers" trip to a Joan Baez concert - where apparently Alan Medville, was negotiating with Barry for the privilege of singing with the "all Counselor band" on the Wild Horses take - as documented my "Jimmy Olsen" Feigelson....
04-01 Rachel Schulson I just found this loose page from a Kokosinger in a box of old Kokosingers. I don't remember ever singing it but imagine it will bring back memories for some:

Alma Mater

When campers gather 'round thy altar,
hear their voices ring.
Their youthful voices never falter,
when of thee they sing.

Kokosing's alma mater,
the fairest of the fair.
Thy sons will raise high on thy glory,
Camp Kokosing.
04-01 David Aptaker Adam Nussenbaum- I was going to post a short bio, but I have decided to just let people read yours instead, and just add about 5 years. Totally bizarre- What did we have for breakfast last week ? DA
03-27 David Kertzner

Paul Lehrman dug up a reel-to-reel tape from 1971 of the various Kokosing rock and roll bands, and on it is a recording of Barry, Josh, Rob Rosenthal, Jeff Lawin, Alan Medvile, and Paul doing "Wild Horses" which is not completely atrocious - (Paul's words). I think they give the Stones a run for their money...

The recording has been posted on the first page of the Photo Gallery. If you click on the Wild Horses link and then on a photo set.. it might be 1971 all over again.

03-27 Paul Lehrman Listen up, everybody... Are you coming to the reunion from out of town? Does your spouse think you're nuts, but is coming to New York anyway to see what all the fuss is about? Is he/she looking for something to do Saturday night while you indulge in shameless nostalgia until the wee hours at Kevin St. James? Well, join the club!

My wife Sharon and I will be in New York for several days, but the evening of the reunion she has no plans, and she doesn't really know anyone in New York to play with. We figure that there will be other Kokosing spouses in the same boat, and she came up with the idea that it might be fun to get together with some of them for dinner and maybe go hear some music or do some other creative hanging-out. You won't know each other, of course, but you will all come highly recommended!

We'll be staying in a hotel a few blocks from the restaurant, which might be a good meeting place. If any of you reading this think your significant other will also be looking for playmates that evening, please contact me and we can put you all in touch with each other.
03-26 Audrey (Graylin) Zelanko I just wanted to post a big hello to everyone, since I probably won't be able to make it to the reunion. I absolutely love the web site and reconnections being made--thanks to the Kokosing reunion and web site team. Camp Kokosing is one of those long ago dreams that make you wonder if it ever really happened. Nobody in my life now can relate to having such feelings about a camp. Names are etched in my memory, incidents and times that I'll never forget. I don't know whether I am the only one to remember friendships or not with the following folks from the younger crowd (relatively speaking!): Vicky Moritz, Lidia Szajko, Stephanie Kaplan, Moose (Caroline) Hartshorne, Kate Horwitz, Keith Berner, Gary Stern, Stu Chaiken, Annie Goldstone, Sydney Hawkins, Greg Vahanian, Jeff Langholtz, and a million more in counselors, folks who were friends with my sister Hermine (Amy Ellenberg and that crowd!!), etc. Times I remember? Raids at night (to the boys side or meeting at the blacktop), singing camp songs up at the hall on the hill, special interests guitar/tennis/arts and crafts/photography, the trampoline, riding/bumping in the back of the truck, going to Dartmouth for the day, canteen, waiting in line to make a phone call after dinner, swinging after dinner, playing cards and mumbly pegs, the last night when everyone was everywhere all night long, and mostly, the friends, friends, friends. If anyone is driving by, I'm living north of Pittsburgh, married, 3 kids, work in the environmental field, busy like everyone else these days but always have time for an old friend...mainly struggling with turning 45 this year and having my oldest son starting to drive and having a girlfriend. Wasn't that just me? Us? Good wishes to all. PS to Vicky, if you're out there, email me please!
03-24 Paul Lehrman If people are still looking for accomodations in NY, I can make a suggestion.

There is a building of "service apartments" on West 73rd Street off Broadway that offers studio and 1- and 2- bedroom apartments for very reasonable prices. Andrea H. checked them out for me and says they're nice. You don't get the ambience of a hotel, or hot and cold running staff, but you get a kitchen and a private bath, and a comfortable place to sleep that's bigger than your usual NYC hotel room, plus the neighborhood is relatively quiet and has everything you could want.
If you want to book it, go to

The property you want to look at is called "Central Park", although it's not exactly on the park.

See everybody soon! Paul
03-22 Gary Stern I was a camper in 70, 71, 73, & 74, from the Cleveland contingent, thanks to Don and Claire Rothenberg, along with my brother Brian (68, 70, 71) and sister Laura (now Rifka) (66, 68, 70, 71), and those Berner boys (Keith and Seth). So many similar memories as have been expressed, of course, but other things that stick out for me are: idolizing Josh G., whether on the ski dock, rock climbing (still a passion), or summitting Mt. Washington and Mt. Mansfield (and always wanting a pair of those awesome handmade hiking boots); getting to stay up way past lights out doing stage crew with Warren; missing intensely the best counselor of all time, Ronnie, who get fired in 1970 for the one thing that Bill R. would not tolerate or forgive; dueling at tennis with Steve Schwab; eating on the first shift, and then busing the tables; bonding with all those really cool guys, and girls, from New York (who were so much more interesting, serious, open, affectionate, loving then my so-called friends from the rust belt); my first kiss, 10 years old at the social; late night snuggling in the back of the truck on the way home from somewhere; slow dancing to Wild Horses. I'll be there in April, coming up from DC. What a kick!
03-22 Peter Darnell My sincere apologies Peggy. Now that you've mentioned it, I do remember, and I remember you. So thank you very much for my only live singing performance. I also remember Max Ogur was in the bunk next to me (I was 7 he was 6) and hearing him rehearse for Guys and Dolls. He had a really velvety voiceS S but more I cannot wish you, than to wish you find your love,S Your own true love one dayS with the something, AND the something AND THE STRONG, etc, etc, That is the only time I ever heard that song, but I remember Max singing it. I hope he chimes and comes to the reunion.
03-19 Lisa (Kertzner) Freeman As I read through all the postings and look at all the pictures on the web site, memories keep returning. As a counselor for only two summers - '72 and '73, I don't have the vast memories like those of you who were there for many years, both as campers and then as counselors, but my memories of my two summers are of wonderful times with wonderful people. I taught guitar for those two summers, although, in retrospect, I was probably only a little bit further advanced than the beginners that I taught. In spite of this, when I was hired, the Rothenbergs made me feel like I had a place and a purpose, and as a result, I had a wonderful time. And yes to whoever asked, there was an after-camp get-together at my family's house on Long Island in Hempstead. Those were the days!!

Lastly, the more practical side of me is wondering if there are any others who will be at the reunion and who will be returning to Fairfield County by car or on the train Saturday night? I would love to hear from you. It will be great to see so many of you!
03-15 Peggy Smith A response to Julie Miller- We did not know each other at Kokosing, as your last year was '64 and I was a counselor from '72-75. However, I still think I know you. Were you possibly at Buck's Rock in '65 and/or '66? I was a camper there in '65 and a CIT in '66. If you are the same Julie Miller, you lived at the time in the West Village- right off Washington Square. You had shoulder-length straight brown hair parted on the side, and your family had a riding store- saddles, boots, etc. Do I possibly have the right person? Don't even ask me how I remember all this. Oh. Joan Balter will be attending the reunion and her sister Lucy was also with me (us?) at Buck's Rock at the same time.
03-14 Julie Miller First, a public thank you to Betty, Andrea and Lonnie and all of the folks that have made this website and reunion happen. I've loved reading the messages and seeing names/remembering events from my three summers at Kokosing (1962-64. Since life has evolved into one big 'Senior moment' with occasional flashes of (much welcomed) memory, I don't have lots of specific memories of my time at camp however I do remember it being one of the seminal experiences of my life up till then. What I do remember is: the trips - bumping along in the back of the truck under a tarp in the pouring rain for many hours (life before litigation was much simpler), portaging canoes (and complaining loudly), dancing the 'hitchhike' and the madison at the social, learning to play the guitar (what a gift for a child of the '60's) and mostly, how my life at home and school felt like something to be endured between summers when I could go back to Vermont and REALLY live. I also remember finding out that you didn't have to go down to the ballfields to "run the bases". I'm not sure whether I will be attending the reunion, but I did unearth a boxful of memorabilia when my parents sold their house including several issues of the Kokosinger from '62 and '64, and my copies of the Kokosing song books (From Slavery, To Freedom) from which I learned to play so many great folk songs and I will make sure that they are there.
03-13 Leah Rachlis Uhm, Lonnie, I remember some kind of color war, the whole camp (even bunks) was divided into two teams - it was a big multi-age activity, not terribly competitive (like I would know how to be competitive) but very consuming - lots of team work, somewhat unifying... big kids - little kids, all other activities came to a halt. Somehow I'm thinking three legged relay type races and some other madness - maybe it was a tale end of the 60's thing, and went out with the white sox's after the Woodstock era hit Kokosing... do you notice a major shift in wardrobe after the '69 pictures, the white sox really needed to go. (my kids think we look like a bunk of geeks, but what do they know - they think they invented bell bottoms!) SO: is anyone going to explain Strategy?
03-12 Steve Kirschner I am very much looking forward to the reunion. Maybe Bill Jr. in his own way was not sharing That Teen Program w/all. Who knows, could be one of those "Standards" I may have Dashed away of my own responcibility, However The Inn would have been a Great location. I seem to recall there was a really intimate log or wooden structure on that site in Thetford Cntr where the counselor's could gather and chill-out during time we were at camp before the campers arrived. Andy Sichel might lend some factual feedback in that regard. I have some memories of he & Wendy his sister and perhaps setting up some type of Tea house Coffee house thing. I remember well borrowing "The Rones" Car and ,and well we'll share that experience then, lookin forward as I stated I am really lookin forward to the Reunion. Actually, a memory has surfaced that perhaps The Teen Program may not have been or was n ot viable financially, who knows ?
03-12 Barry Mazor Those were Kokosing staples before the time of many posting to the site or coming to the reunion. We all know that they had had color war--by the achievement signs that were in the Rec hall, but the Rothenbergs also let that go as part of their vision... "Strategy" was no doubt something us Kokosingites of the late sixties and seventies missed. It was "capture the Flag" (which the photos of "fun in game in the field" no doubt show), taken large and camp-wide. Must have been terrific. It was a sort of predecessor of the "paint war" extravaganzas non-Kokosing sorts play today. efforts to revive it after 1968 always seemed to fail.
03-11 Doug Smith Perhaps there was color war at Kokosing at some point in time, but certainly not from 1968 on......The idea of continual competition over several days or a week (as some camps do/did it) seems out of character for such Kokosing's environment. And....nor do I remember Strategy, so it too must pre-date 1968.
03-12 Ellie (Ellen) Baker Memories are still coming to me, jogged by everyone’s writing and photos. Here’s one that I’m really fuzzy on. Judging from the photos, I attended camp in 1968 and 1969, but by 1970, I was too old for Kokosing (15), and looking for another venue. My recollection is that I went to a teen program that summer that was also run by the Rothenbergs, but we lived in a building right in Thetford Center. Maybe I am imagining things. Can anyone confirm this memory? Was anyone else there? Thanks, Ellie (Ellen) Baker
03-12 Lonnie (Lore) Beer I don't remember Strategy either. Must have been before our time. But I must admit that I am intrigued. Sounds like a game we would have liked. Maybe we can play on Sunday in Central Park. But Leah, I don't remember Color War either. I thought Color War was antithetical to living in peaceful co-existence and that's why we didn't have them. The camp I went to before Kokosing had Color War and it was a major event that consumed the camp for a week.
03-12 Todd Phillips Todd Phillips checking in. (At camp from 1962-1969) My cousin Lisa Ferman (Goodman) called and told me about the up coming reunion in NY and about the Kokosing website. I couldn't wait to get on and I've been on the site for the last 2 hours just about going over everything. The pictures brought back so many incredible memories. So many familiar faces that I know in varying degrees but so many people are a part of a very cherished time in my life. I first came to camp when I was 8 in 1962 and I believe my last year was in 1969 when I was a counselor. I have some of my own pictures to forward. Is there a register that will tell me when I attended? I guess Ronnie might know. I'm going to try and make it to the reunion because I dont want to lose the opportunity to see so many of you. I have a trade show on that weekend in High Point NC which is important so I'm not 100%. That's it for now. Ill stay in touch
- Todd Phillips, 668 Fox Pond Dr Mt Pleasant SC 29464
(843) 437 0255
03-11 Leah Rachlis Okay - I give, the ol' synapses are just not firing - I remember color wars, and mudsliding, midnight raids and seat wars on the trampoline I even remember the computer lab at Dartmouth on Hanover treats but - What is Strategy? - LR
03-05 Joy Schneer Andrea clued me in to check out the recent message board chatter. Yes I did play Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. Those are some fond and amazing memories. It is so wonderful to see postings from friends from so long ago (i.e., Cookie, Peter, Kate). I haven't spoken to any of you since the mid 70's. I didn't realize that Kate played the lead in the musical in '73. I was at Kokosing in '70, '71, '72 and '74. My "rotten" parents sent me to Paris for the summer of '73 and made me miss camp. Reading all the commentary brings up so many memories. Camp had the best apple pie. For years I searched for a crust that good. I also remember the yummy fried donuts. And helping out shucking the corn. And mud sliding. And the fact that I never really got to see the northern lights even though the counselors woke us up because I didn't take my glasses and it was a big blur.
03-05 Abby (Levine) Saxon Thanks so much to those of you who have created this connection for so many of us, to our formative years. Because of your e-mail list I have found some of my long lost friends - and been able to reminisce about all kinds of things which I couldn't possibly publicize here on the message board. But Lisa Ferman and I could once again giggle about so many "firsts"! David Aptaker, I think you were among one of those. John Vena reminded me of a secret word we had, which as I said to him "had me smiling from ear to ear" when I read it in his e-mail to me. Nancy Donner and I remembered the full name of one of our most favorite hysterical Kokint friends: Wanda Yvonne Shirley Valaria Dolores Gretchen Hall. Laurie Wolkoff (Levine) and I have been in touch all these years, but this gave us incentive to plan to meet (along with my sister Susan) and go to the reunion together. And Warren...although we've seen each other intermittently over over the last 30 years (yikes!), it will be great to rekindle, if only for a few hours...some of those all consuming, impressionable moments from those crazy and wonderful adolescent days. Maybe it will help me to understand my own exasperatingly complex 13 year old son a bit better.

I have often thought of Kokosing as a kind of Shangra La, and all these memories have made it so real again. It's so much a part of who I am now...I was the little curly/frizzy haired girl who loved performing in all the dance recitals (always took dance as a "Special Interest") and then I became the "Dance Counselor". Later I became a dancer in real I teach it at Vassar College. But it all started at Kokosing (went there on and off from '65 - '73). I love reading how so many others of you feel the same. Can't wait to see you all.

P.S. Does anyone remember Charlene Trentacosta - a beautiful southern belle who was my co-counselor one year? How about my sister's friend, Sue Ornati? One more

P.S. - Amy Ellenberg - I've been trying to teach my daughter "Oh Music, Thou Most Lovely Art" for the last few years, but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of the harmony yet.
03-04 Andrea Hirshman

Larry, so great what you funny that i had to put them on the message real, it's a miracle we survived! good's my favorite of your memories:

...The panic of seeing Bob Spano putting the tow bar around his neck – “look, Ma, no hands” – while I was driving the ski boat. Jeff Lawin imitating a torpedo being pulled through the water by the ski boat because he didn’t let go after falling ..'

Read the rest of Larry's piece in the Writing Gallery.

03-03 Gina Gold For some reason this is the name that popped up in my memory as the person who played Adelaide: Joy Schneer. Am I right, Peggy? By the way...I still remember my one line from "Gypsy" in the small yet flawlessly acted role of Renee the maid. I hauled Gypsy's (Kate Horowitz') cow head off the wall and told her "Your press agent is here with the photographer." As you said, can't remember what happened this morning... but I remember that.
03-03 David Kertzner Larry Shushan remembers and confesses in the Writing Gallery today.
03-01 Rachel Schulson For those trying to find Vicky Moritz: The LA Times reporter that Peggy mentioned in her posting has probably heard from enough of us by now, as has a Vicky Moritz in Ironton, Ohio. Apparenly neither is the right one. If anyone has a lead, how about if just one person follows up? I'd be happy to do so if you want to pass the information on to me at Thanks and can't wait to see everyone next month.
03-01 Leah Rachlis Jonathan Meyer, who you mention in your post, was the son of my parents friends Howard and Sylvete Meyer, who turned us on to Kokosing in the mid 60's. Sylvete gave me a box of oil pastels when I was as about 6, with which I was very impressed and I still cherish - I only remember their kids (Jonathan & Steve?) as being very big, very cool & very grown up...
03-01 Steve Kirschner

A very close friend of both lisa & I's requested I write A LITTLE SOMETHING for Bill Jr's unveiling, I felt it appropriate to be shared through this Medium.

We were younger then:

The standards we chose to live up to we may have felt were hard to achieve, we had great Mentors and the standards have been passed on to us. I will always be extrememely grateful for

the opportunities to be graced with those Standards. Biil Jr. lived up to Bill Sr's. He passed them on to us.

I am humbled by many things, and just by being able to appreciate that humility as a standard is a wonderful thing. We all have been touched and encouraged, to be a statement of a wonderful man's achievement of sharing himself with us all.

02-28 Paul Lehrman It's wonderful to be remembered so much as the guy who could do anything musical (although now we have machines to do that, as the joke goes), but I can't take credit where credit is not due. Peggy and I have been wracking (wrecking?) our brains to solve this little puzzle, and she finally did it: I did NOT play the piano for Guys & Dolls in 1972, although I was at camp the night of the show and worked with Barry on the parody lyrics. (That Hatch's song remains one of my personal greatest artistic achievements...and I've played Carnegie Hall!) The music guy that summer was a very talented Canadian fellow named Errol Gay, who went on to significant fame as a conductor -- Google his name if you're interested. That summer I was just there for a weeklong visit. I got recruited for a number of activities, and may have done some coaching for the show, but I honestly don't remember. (I was actually fairly miserable the whole week, but that's another story.) I do remember the show was wonderful. See you soon, Paul
02-28 David Kertzner Read several new pieces in the Writing Gallery where I am posting longer more narrative segments.
02-28 Ellie (Ellen) Baker

I was thrilled to hear about the Kokosing reunion, although I am not yet sure if I can come. It was such a formative time for me – my first real education and independence. I’m sending some old B&W photos that I took and developed in the Kokosing dark room in ‘69. One of the photos has a lovely view of the grounds and the lake in the background. God, it was beautiful there. Another is Wendy Hollander reading in a little clearing we found in the woods back behind the library. I remember feeling like it was a holy place. I think she was reading Damian by Hermann Hesse.

I didn’t see Rima Stromberg or Eddie Cohn (Cohen?) on either the missing or found lists. Does anyone know where they are?

I remember that trip down the Saint Lawrence River, too – complete with the terror that we might get hit by a ship. I wish I could remember who was in my canoe. I remember that the boys found a pair of girl’s underpants, and the teasing, whispers, and embarrassment about menstruation. I also recall first kisses, camp socials, ballroom dancing with one of the counselors, curly hair that was suddenly “in”, bell bottom pants, bikini bathing suits with under wire bras (and my chagrin at being too flat-chested to wear one), the moon landing, skinny dipping at night, bouncing around on hay in the back of the truck on camp trips (as my children compulsively buckle their seat belts today, I am astonished when I think back to that time), raiding the boys cabin at night, the mess hall, the flag pole, the camp newspaper (the Kokosinger?) with a page full of tantalizing love speculations (e.g., EC + RS), swimming across the lake to pass my boating test. I am both sad and relieved that my children will not have the same kind of experience – my older daughter is 13 now -- the age I was at Kokosing. The freedom and lack of adult supervision (the counselors were just kids, too) boggles my parental mind today. And yet I loved every minute of my time there and wept to leave at the end of each summer. Kokosing definitely left an imprint.

I do hope I can make it to the reunion so that I can get help awakening more memories…

Note: Ellie's photos will be posted in the near future

02-28 Norma Greenberg Although most of those who have written in are younger than I am, and attended Kokosing after I did, the similarity of our memories are uncanny. My involvements in the civil rights and peace movements were born at Kokosing, as was my longterm love of theater. So many wonderful friends, (especially Jane Bjoze who found me after 40 years and directed me here!), and very special times. My first musical theater role was Aunt Nettie in "Carousel"(1960, I believe). Steve Sugar played Billy, Wendy Orzack was Julie, I think Judy Schub was Carrie, and thats about all I can remember at the moment. Anybody else out there who remembers the production of "Thieve's Carnival" that we did and the audience of about 5 we performed for in a barn somewhere in rural Vermont? (cast included Peter Knobler,Jonathan Meyer, Susan Orzack, Paul Bluestone.) It is great to see names of people coming to the reunion from my era - Paul Bloom, Richard (don't you mean "Richie!") Ross, Susan Orzack, Peter Knobler, Julie Spain, Steve Sugar and Jane Bjoze, of course. It will be so great to see everyone.
02-28 Jeffrey Schachner I'd like to thank, Donna for her recent posting and including memories of my sister, camper, counselor, Carol Schachner, who spent some of her happiest days of her (only) 50 years there. Donna also mentioned via email to me that she had heard '"rumors" of a relative and others putting together a Non-profit fundraising plan (in early stages) to buy back the properties Kokosing and Thoreau and delist them from the Dartmouth College listings for commercial developers or entrepreneurs (not that there's anything essentially wrong with that or them!) It's just that we want to maintain "choices" for our Kokosing and Thoreau camper and counselor families and for their families. The process of getting a fundraising strategic plan together is indeed underway in VT via indigenous local roots contacts and networks, but there will be no results to share for many many months. I do want to thank the following people for the initial inertia for getting this goal specific network together to run forward in VT: Ronnie R. (of course!), Lonnie Beer for her work on the Reunion and the website- the starting point for all the above; Alex Schub, Rena Bonne, and others too many to name (sounds like the Oscars tonight). I hope to pledge and keep you all posted on these developments right before the reunion, since some Westcoasters like myself cannot be in for it. Donna, special thanks again-you were on Carol's mind in her retrospective of the greatness and spirit of KO-KO-SING! Jeffrey Schachner (thru 1967)
02-28 Aileen Rothenberg I hadn't been keeping up with all the postings on this website recently until tonight and was overwhelmed with all the memories! All the names and experiences were springing back. I especially wanted to thank Debbie Kaplan for her narrative on the canoe trip on the St. Lawrence. That was quite the trip. I have that exact memory except I could not remember for the life of me who was in that canoe that made the ship turn like that! So thanks for filling that part in for me. I remember watching it all happen from the other side of the river and wondering how did they make that big ship do that?! And then thinking "Oh oh, someone's gonna get in big trouble!" I was in the canoe with Jim Greeves, the canoe counselor. I have no recollection how I got in his canoe, but boy was I lucky. Not only was he the cutest counselor at camp that year, but also, he knew where all the currents were on that river and I remember coasting along, at times barely paddling, and eating pop tarts (which were like gold back then) which were stored in our canoe! Best wishes to you all. Aileen Rothenberg
02-28 Peter Darnell My sincere apologies Peggy. Now that you mention it I do remember you. It's funny how someone elses memory can jog our own. It's in your brain it just needs some light shed on it. I also remember Max Ogur rehearsing for his part in the adjacent bunk to mine. He had a pretty good voice as I remember "But more I cannot wish you, than to wish you find your love… your own true love one day… with the something and the something… I hope we can find him and he chimes in with his memories.
02-28 Donna Rothenberg Savage Laurie Wolkoff Levine - Yes I remember that canoe trip! The third passenger in the canoe was Jane Sabre, who actually was a friend of mine from the-rest-of-the-year. I *think* I was on that trip as well. Everything in that capsized canoe was lost, including all the clothing for the three people plus some supplies. This was early in the 5- or 6-day trip, maybe the first full day of paddling. I believe my father, Dick Rothenberg, played some role in that unfortunate event, showing up as soon as possible from Camp with replacement supplies. I believe Dick stayed with the canoe trip the rest of the way, to assure the rattled campers (and probably counselors too!). Your brother Mike was an excellent canoeist as I recall, which is why he was put in the stern with Bernie and Jane, neither of whom were terribly canoe-savvy. We had some bad waves on that day of the trip (but...WHERE WAS IT? Thousand Islands? St. Lawrence Seaway to Quebec?) but your brother's canoe was the only one to actually capsize, thankfully. As I recall, the remainder of the canoe trip went very smoothly and we had fabulous weather and a great time. -- ,
02-28 Lonnie Lore (Beer) Barry, you are absolutely right. I've been wracking my brain. I could picture her singing but couldn't but a name on it. It was Joy Schneer who was the "poyson who developed a cold" waiting for love in all the wrong places. I think that was the part I wanted. I have to admit she was good.
02-28 Cookie Freeman My memories are along the lines of Lonnie's . I too thought I would break down the racial barrier and become the First Black Adelaide. I too got the ole stand by of my voice was not strong enough. I ended up being one of Adelaide's Hat Box girls..... and loved the experience. I also remember not sure if poor Paul Lehrman does my own vision of being the Next great American Idol. I hounded that poor man to hear my wonderful singing voice. Lying in wait for him to drag him to the piano so he could hear the next great Carly Simon. I know , I know I was delusional but damn it I heard myself singing in the shower and I know I was good. Paul unlike Simon on the show was extremely kind and told me with work ( I think it was Lot's of work ) I could be good. I am sure the man breathed a sigh of relief to finally have me cease stalking him. When ever I have a few minuets free I love going to the Kokosing site and reliving it all over again. I think back and realize what wonderful people the Rothenberg's were to create an environment for children of such different backgrounds and racial differences to meld together with out any incidences that I can recall of disharmony.
02-28 Steve Kirschner Hello Lisa et al, I've been in touch with Greg and we'll probably be there. I am very much lookin forward to spending some quality time with Y'all. It is very important to me to share some time with Y'all, Kokosing has been a very evident memory to me. considering how much the Flow of my life has lead me to be there or be square. Hello Josh, How's Amy, Wendy, you. Chris Vena I am lookin forward to being in touch. Anyone in touch with Phil Omla, I think that's the way it's spelled. Rachel young person then who was an early entrepreneur in stuffed Dolls I think. Rosanne Somerson and her Brother Michael need to have my E_mail address a must..............and for the record anyone chooses to contact me feel free ,,,,,,,,,,Please anytime, anyway....................Hm Ph. 954-984-5147 have a machine P.S. I will always Remeber ZAPPA the Sheep Farmer Ralph let us have as a kinda Pet Sheep.............Hey Josh try to control the laughter - a rather short list for those on the otherside, I must say later to Grover & Doris, seeya Y'all soon
02-25 Lonnie Lore (Beer) I remember all the plays from camp they were yesterday. I sing all the songs in the shower constantly. Since I lived in Philadelphia and didn't get to Broadway too much, those camp productions were my first experience with theater. I remember the acting as being superb. I wanted the lead in Guys and Dolls so badly and was so crushed when I didn't get it. Peggy said my voice was too low and gave me a small part to soothe my bruised ego. But I learned all the words and could have been an understudy for every part in the show. I still think of Danny Kaplan's Nathan Detroit as the definition of Nathan. The play was perfectly cast, except maybe I should have had a bigger part. I've long since gotten over the disappointment. My daughter tells me that the choir director at her school "hates altos" and won't give her the lead in any musicals, even though she has a lovely voice. I have sympathy, of course. Evidently we are a new class of the disabled, those who are soprano-challenged. I also remember A Funny Thing Happened...Gypsy, Oliver, the list goes on and on.
02-25 Barry Mazor

OK; I remembered a choral leader guy that worked on the songs for that show-- and having just checked out the Adam Nussenbaum report in the Final Kokosinger that year--yes I have them from the years I was there, and most of the all-joke "crazy issues" too--the guy's name was Errol Gay (from Toronto) --and "his girlfriend June helped".

I've been trying to figure out who WAS Adelaide from a full page of cast "quotable quotes" we printed in there--but it's no help on THAT matter. And then I found the full review page. There we go: It was Joy Schneer! Bobby Spano was Nicley Nicely.

And then there's also this:

The kids in Bunk 9 want to eat, but the food that we got ain't meat...
There's a lock on the fruit cellar door, and the cornbarn's no good any more..
The refrigerator's loaded with food--but leftover noodles don't won't hit the spot, And trying not to be rude, the back of Bill's cabin's too hot.
So now off to Post Mills we go, but who's ot the car we don't know..

But it's good old reliable Hatch's
Hatch's, Hatch's Hatch's light lunch.
If you'e looking for grinders, they'll sell you a few..

Even if the meat is cold it's better than stew.
Yes it's good old reliable Hatch's; it's only just a short jaunt, To the closest established, open-late evenings, food joint in Vermont.

There are hungry campers everywhere, everywhere;
there are hungry campers everywhere.
And an awful lot of lettuce on the grinders you can get us, there.

(If we only had a lousy little buck, we could have our roast beef rare.)

Where's the cold cuts? Where's the fries?
Gotta have some fries for our gollies and dies.
It's the closest established, open-late evening, food joint in Vermont.

(Now does THAT ring a few bells?)

02-25 Peggy Weiner Smith Now I'm confused, Francis. Was it Sybil or Margo Taylor who was in Purlie with you? I think it was Sybil. If so, who was Margo? Yikes! A few additions to my last post- Paul Lehrman did do the music for "Guys and Dolls". I remember him sitting at the piano effortlessly transposing keys for singers who couldn't reach notes. I remember trying to teach Bob Spano- Nicely Nicely- the difference between dreamed and dreamt in his solo of "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat". Betty Lehrman was also an assistant that year and I'm thrilled to read that she is now teaching theatre. Memories of Leslie Green, Carin Thall, and Beth Goldstone as the strippers in Gypsy still make me laugh. I think it was Keith Berner who played Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh, done on the Library steps. I remember that the sets for The Wizard of Oz were all made out of cardboard boxes and that Vicky Moritz played a very wicked Wicked Witch. By the way, I googled her name and a Victoria Moritz comes up as a reporter for the L.A. Times. Could that be her and will someone check?
02-25 Kate Horwitz (Bennett) Memories- I have been reading everyone's entries for the last few weeks and decided it was time to send something. I remember it all as if it were yesterday… the canoe trip on the Connecticut river (I was in the middle between Jojo Cohen and Jeff Willick and we didn't capsize!)), that terrible truck that we all loved and would never let our children go on today, mud slides and raids in the boys bunk line, my first kiss on the water ski dock, Doris waking us up on those cold mornings, Doug and Peggy's wedding, Josh meeting Sally, horse riding in the mountains, being a stripper with Leslie Green in "Guys and Dolls", playing the lead in "Gypsy", "Oklahoma", walking down to the little shop at the bottom of the hill with Hermine, trips into Hanover, the tri-state tournament, fabulous music and friends I will never forget. I was so excited when I received my e-mail. I have spent lots of time looking at photos some of which make me laugh, others, like the one of Dena Fliegel, make me cry. My children don't believe it is really me in the photos.(I am not sure I believe it is really me in the photos either!) We were so lucky to have shared all that wonderful time together. I will try to send some photos of my family this week since I have loved seeing everyone else's. I live in London and did not think I would be able to come to the reunion. However, the more I read, the more determined I am to get there. I am going to tell work I have a very important family function that weekend so if all goes well, I will come to NY for a quick 48 hours. The opportunity seems too good to miss. I hope to see you all in April
02-25 Francis Harris Peggy Weiner Smith, the great director of all of those great Kokosing stage productions. Yes I remember playing Purlie Victorious with Margo Taylor (thanks to Sybil Taylor for helping me with my lines and who was also in that production). I remember getting to camp that year, and you immediately approached me and said "Have I got a role for you!" I forget who played Gitlo, though. Who else was in that production?
02-25 Peggy Weiner Smith O.K. Now I feel I have to jump in. Peter, I thoroughly enjoyed your memories of "Guys and Dolls", but you have your facts mixed up a bit. It was, indeed, the big musical in 1972, but I was the director- in my first year at camp, brought in by Andy Greenhouse (my best friend in college) to replace the English guy who couldn't make it that year. I will be forever grateful to Andy (still a dear friend), as that's when I met Doug and many of you out there were present at our wedding after the '73 season, so camp has always stayed in my heart. We're going on 32 years, by the way. But I digress. Nancy and Janet were my assistants in Drama that year, and was I lucky to have them! Barry Mazor gave up all his free time to help, and Warren and John built great sets. Did Paul L. do the music for the show? I can't recall. Gladys in the office worked on costumes. Remember her? The cast...wonderful, dear Dena Fleigel was Sara Brown, Tom Feigelson was Harry the Horse, Adam Nussbaum was Sky Masterson, Danny Kaplan was Nathan Detroit, and of course, Peter Darnell as Benny Southstreet. Max Ogur was Arvide...Who played Adelaide? I forget. It's amazing how I can recall all this. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. I absolutely loved doing plays at camp. I was a nervous wreck,usually, and how Barry, Warren and I didn't burn the rec hall down with our chain smoking throughout, I cannot imagine. Just dumb luck, I guess. Other memorable performances: dear brilliant Jeff Willick as Curly in "Oklahoma" (was there anything he couldn't do well?) Kate Horowitz and Stephanie Gibson in "Gypsy", Gary Willick in "Bye, Bye Birdie", Francis Harris and Margo Taylor in "Purlie Victorious" many plays to remember and I apologize for leaving anyone out. I wish I had pictures beyond what was in the yearbooks. I really look forward to seeing you all again in April and comparing the memories in my head with the current reality. I'm still teaching high school theatre arts and am set to retire next year. Whew! Time flies, hey? In another post I'll speak of the experience of being the token female staff member on two Connecticut River canoe trips. Oboy...(NEVER share a tent with Robbie Lawin!)
02-24 Leah Rachlis so - are there 100 of us? we can all mortgage our homes, sell our Harley's... what's that - 23K each. -
02-24 Francis Harris Upper Seniors (either 1972 or 1973) does anybody remember going to a Bonnie Raitt concert at the University of Vermont during either of those years? And Peter Darnell, I believe you are correct. I remember the day that you and Rick gave me photo and you said that you took it. Over the years, some of my friends have said that the photographer was kneeling on the ground, and that's why it looks like I'm so high up. Also, the recent photo posted that shows the campers on the green truck, is the lower seniors of 1970. How many of you are out there?
02-24 Peter Darnell Wow so many old friends! Rick Weisfeld found me and turned me on to this fabulous site.

Janet, Nancy, Arlo- you forget to mention Guys and Dolls in '72- I was Benny Southstreet… 'Whats playin' at the Roxie, … I'll tell ya whats playin at the Roxie… Guy siting around something or other something or other… thats what's playin' at the Roxie… Janet and Nancy- thanks for giving this small, skinny, scared, twig of a boy a chance to sing—a great memory for me, I still occasionally drive my wife crazy breaking into full chorus and she can't believe i still remember (most of) it. Our lives are really not about theatre anymore. I was also in "The Odd Couple that year—that guy Nancy and Janet brought in from France? England? helped a lot Wow, Gary Golding (ever hear from Steve Wollman?), Josh, Bruce Sklar, Ellen Bovarnick, Cookie Feeman, Francis Harris— I have clear, fond, great memories of all of you (Francis- I think I took that great picture of you leaping to to tip the ball at center court at the start of a basketball game. Rick Weisfeld is claiming credit though. We were both Kokosinger photographers (right Barry?). One thing I do remember like it was yesterday —playing a pick up one-on- one game with you one afternoon. I had the ball at the foul line, faked a jump shot, which you jumped to block, and I went in for a lay up and scored. Of course that was the only basket I made the entire game. One move was about the beginning and end of my basketball skill. I think I was about 4' 8" tall and weighed about 100 lbs (maybe). I was so happy I scored against the basketball star of camp! Arlo- remember Josh singing the Monster Mash? But of course Paul Lehrman and the band and that rendition of Wild Horses, stayed with me for a long, long time. …There's still time brother… Hope to see many faces at the reunion.
02-24 Bob Margolis I just talked to Dan Senecal, the owner of the Kokosing land. He wants 2.3 million dollars for it. He's bought land over the years to add to the original camp so the property is now 400 pristine acres with alot of newly renovated buildings. I'm shaking out my son's piggy bank but coming up a little short.
02-23 Donna Rothenberg Savage

Click this link to see aclassified ad for the former Kokosing land for sale.

The ad is dated Oct. 12 but I believe it's still available. I had a dream/fantasy about this a few months ago - buying it and turning it into a primitive timeshare of sorts, keeping the buildings as they are although repairing what was needed. Hiring a few key "counselors." Kind of like a "family camp" I guess. Oh do I wish my husband and I were millionaires.... Can we do something? Can we save this place before a developer turns it into condos? Donna Rothenberg Savage Kensington, Maryland 301-942-2447

02-23 Laurie Wolkoff Levine It's interesting how many people remember all the canoe trips we took during our time at Kokosing. Does anyone remember the 1965 canoe trip where my brother Michael Wolkoff saved his counselor Bernie Parsoff and another camper? Can't wait to see everyone in April.
02-22 Ronnie Rothenberg Debbie, The room you are thinking about was called the Club Room. It was a few steps up from the ground and it was located on the side of the Mess hall opposite the Kitchen. -
02-22 Debbie Kaplan I sent that photo, Barry. As I recall, The Den was the place on the side of the Mess Hall (other side than the tennis courts), a small room, I think you had to walk down stairs, but I'm not sure, where counselor's sometimes hung out, played guitar and sang, etc. (P.S. - Please check out Debbie's memories in the Writing Gallery)
02-22 Leah Rachlis I am not completely sure - but I think it is the back end of the "guest house" where the laundry room is/was. The Guest house had been used by TIV as a staff building - This looked like the back door - but I'm not too sure. - Leah
02-21 Barry Mazor Something must have gotten reconfigured over the years, lost, or something. What was "The Den" And what building is that?" (See photo gallery - photo 219)
02-19 Betty Lehrman In 1969 I had my first boyfriend: Woody Klein. He was a year older, 5 inches shorter and I don't want to admit how many pounds lighter than I was. We were "couple of the year" in the Kokosinger; I think we were the only camper couple to last all summer. He was a very funny, bright, sweet guy.

We kept in touch for a few years, and then lost track of each other. With the reunion coming up, I tried to find him again. I did a Google search, and there was a hit on the Hampshire College Alumni section - in memoriam. Here's the e-mail they sent me:

I am sorry to report that the Heywood Klein listed ... is the same Heywood Klein that you knew in 1969-70. Woody died in a car accident in January of 1984.... a memorial scholarship was established by his parents for students at Hampshire College and it is an active scholarship program twenty some odd years later.
- Betty Lehrman
02-19 Donna Rothenberg Savage In response to Jeff Schachner's posting on 1/22 (which I'm just now reading), yes I very much remember Carol, and you as well. My vision of Carol is her being all-around really good at whatever she did, including being a friend. Tennis and baseball come to mind specifically, and my recollection includes Carol's warm personality and wonderful smile. I do remember seeing Carol's name on an awards plaque or two; she certainly deserved it/them. I am indeed sorry for your loss.

Although I had nothing to do with their demise (sometimes stuff just happens), I so regret that those awards plaques no longer exist. To win such a Kokosing award was a recognition of individual excellence that, as adults, we don't get much - and I know it meant a great deal to those who succeeded in garnering those awards to be so recognized in front of their camper friends at the end of a wonderful summer. It was also inspiring (at least to me!) to see the history of Kokosing's excellent campers as chronicled on those boards.
- Donna Rothenberg Savage, Kensington, MD

02-14 Arnold Dreyblatt Thanks so much for contacting me. I nearly had a heartattack when I saw the message subject heading. I have searched the net from time to time to find out anything about the camp, to no avail until now getting your email. The experience at Kokosing was very important to me and to some degree and required some painful adjustments. My parents always blamed the camp for my subsequent develpments (spaced out avantgarde artist). My mother, till the day she died used to say "Gerry, it's that camp we sent him to".

I have been living for more than twenty years in Europe, mostly in Berlin, and I'm married and have a 1 and 3/4 year old child. I have been living as a minimal music composer and as a visual artist for the past thirty years. Looking at the website has opened a flood of memories and some tears, partially triggered by recognizing a few names on the list.

I would love to come to the reunion, but it's hard to say now since I live so far away. I am currently in the middle of moving within Berlin (we moved on Wednesday and I am opening boxes as I write this) and have to leave next week for Frankfurt for an exhibition at the Jewish Museum there. But I will start to collect my thoughts and will try to contribute to the website, and will determine if I could make it to New York as soon as possible (sorry but I might need some weeks to decide about this) - Arnold Dreyblatt
02-05 "Stevie" Presberg I hope everyone has read Josh Gillenson's letter to Bill. It captures my feelings, and those of all of us, better than I might have been able to express.

The first time I spoke to Bill was when he came to our home one spring, to talk to me, my brother Bob and my Mom about Kokosing. I was 15, accustomed to city life in the summer, and not all that sure that I wanted to spend 6 weeks in the wilds of Vermont. Bill showed us slides from Camp, and otherwise persuaded us to give it a try. His last words for me that day were, "okay Stevie, I'll see you this summer."

To Bill, from that moment on, I was Stevie Presberg.

As most of us learned during our Kokosing summers, one of the amazing things about Bill - and a source of comfort and reassurance to all of Kokosing-dom - was Bill's consistent view that all obstacles could be overcome. Bill's refrain was simply, "there's no problem" - which was generally his response to virtually any obstacle brought to his attention. Long after our Kokosing summers had ended, I had one last opportunity to relish this confidence and optimism.

It was the last time I spoke to Bill, and it must have been ten years ago (give or take two or three). I called him seeking advice for a problem confronting a close friend. We had exhausted virtually every resource, when I remembered that to Bill Rothenberg, nothing was unresolvable. Well, as I would have predicted, Bill prefaced his advice with the standard, "there's no problem" and proceeded to offer sage advice. His last words for me that day were, "okay Stevie Presberg, take care."

Steve "Stevie" Presberg
Kokosing 1968-70
02-04 Gary Golding In response to your notes, Arlo & Andrea, my recollection of the trip you mention here is that we were paddling the Richelieu (sp) River en route to Montreal. We put in on St. Albans Bay,VT and were intending to reach the big city up north. We spent two days on the right bank after futile attempts to make headway. From what Andrea writes, I guess you guys didn't mind hanging out....

I was also fortunate enough to be counselor(as Barry Mazor correctly remembers) on another ill-fated trip that got blown down: the Allagash. However, the only canoe I remember losing was one that came loose from the trailer and was hit by a truck. We came back to camp where Bill gave us a replacement and we were back on the road. This trip took place after camp was officially over, and we were blown off Eagle Lake in the early stages of the trip. I have always wanted to go back and finish that trip, but never have.

Of course there were many SUCCESSFUL trips and they are all cherished memories. I am looking forward to reliving them at the April reunion. In the meantime, I'd love to hear from any of you who made those trips because I do not remember exactly who the counselors and campers were who made up the canoes.

Thanks. Gary (Golding)

02-03 Joseph Popper many memories. As I read through all the various posting so much that I thought were made up memories seem to be recalled by others that I realize I am not going entirely senile nor having just another senior moment. And the pictures are wonderful also, I only wish I had some of my negatives or pictures to forward that would fill in some more of the gaps unfortunately they seem to have been lost over time. I am glad to see posting of some of the photos that I believe I was responsible for or maybe they could be Andy Parretts. I am so grateful for all of those of you who have put the time and effort in tracking down everyone and putting this all together. I think I was lucky enough to stop by and find Thoreau about 4 years ago on my way up to a college reunion and left my name in a guest book, where I saw many names and believed that would be the last time I would see them. For all of you who have mentioned socials, canteen, the rec hall, concerts, hiking up to the top of Mt. Washington, canoeing,music , plays, Montreal pan handling, Van Cortland Park preunions (yes they were there) and after camp reunions in Hempstead at someone's house I think named Lisa (Kertzner - DK), Old Homes Day and someone buying a contraption to cook hot dogs in the bunk which I think were stored in the back of the toilet along with soda, yes we were nasty counselors doing things campers could not while we watched the northern lights, and so many more. I look forward to seeing everyone and deciding where we will hold our next Town Meeting.

Joseph A. Popper

02-03 David Kertzner Please check out two wonderful pieces of writing that came in earlier today from Gina Gold and Josh Gillenson. Josh brought some wonderful winter photos taken at Kokosing / Thoreau-In-Vermont this past weekend which I will post over the weekend along with about 40 others that have come in over the past 10 days.
02-02 Andy Parrett So I’m looking through the photos (checking to see if mine have arrived safely) and I come across this one and I say ‘who the bloody hell is that?’ (I really
did!) I’d fallen into the trap of expecting people to look exactly as I remember them over 30 years ago! The caption says ‘Paul Lehrman’ and I say ‘never!!’ I’m expecting to see someone with long hair, straggly beard, wild eyes, cowboy hat and guitar…… – come to think of it, and on reflection, you don’t look THAT much different, Paul!! (It’s the musical instrument which fooled me!)

I’ve still got all my negatives and contact prints from those days: difficult to send any more for the gallery as I don’t have a darkroom now, or a neg. scanner. I’ve a grand one of you, John Vena, all hair and muscles, lifting what look frighteningly heavy weights! (Sudden vision of JV and Warren Austerer in matching red/white T shirts. Was the caption ‘Gruppo Grande’ or something?)

I’ve just been looking through those contact pics. 1971 was certainly a ‘dramatic’ summer. Not only was there Oliver, but also The Odd Couple and Peter Pan (the younger campers?) In PP I can see that Mark Zeisler was Hook and Stuart Chaiken was a ‘lost boy’ (not type cast I’m sure!), but who was it that played Peter? (small chap with glasses – very talented as I recall).

I hadn’t known that the Kokosing site is still used as a camp – I just knew it had closed and been sold (when was that?) I’ve had a look at the Thoreau website and I think I can recognise a few locations from the photos they’ve put up.


2-02 Andrea Hirshman I so fondly remember that canoe trip Jeffrey! we had a blast in that rec room dancing and hanging out...i think the song "hitchin a ride" must have played over and over....we slept in small 2 man pup-tents and leslie green, danny and i cuddled together in memory is vague about the details but the little that i do remember remains so strong because i felt content and close to people - a wonderful thing to feel....i was hoping someone else would remember enough to write about it - i couldn't....indeed it was a great trip....can't remember what year it was though - maybe 1970....anyway, thanks, jeffrey, for the memory.
2-01 Jeffrey Vahanian

Hi Janet and Leah: The Oliver production was in 1971. Seth Berner played Oliver, Jeff Baulknight was Bill Sykes, Danny Kaplan was the Artful Dodger…come to think of it, I think that there were as many campers and counselors, like Gary Golding, in the show, on stage, as there were in the audience. Max Ogur and Deana Fleagle were the heads of the orphanage. Our director was Guy, from England. I think he was only there one summer.

Nancy and Janet, you made those shows so much fun. Thank-you for your kindness and enthusiasm.

Which summer was it that a bunch of us canoed on the St. Lawrence River and eventually got hit by a storm that left us stranded at a Canadien camp for a few days? None of us spoke French and none of them spoke English. But we hung out in their rec facility and danced for a couple of days until someone came to get us. Henry Pope and Jonny Frank…help me out.

2-01 Andrea R. Stegman It's been great to read all the recollections of Kokosing. As I've read all the postings, one thing has jumped out at me: although some memories are crystal clear (Canteen; receiving packages; waterskiing; the quarter mile test; "Wild Horses"), others are so hazy that more than one person has questioned whether he or she really is remembering an actual event, or just imagining it. I can add to this: for example, I have a "memory" of Brian Smith wearing surgical scrubs that had "leftover" blood on them. Am I completely insane? Did this really happen? Another one - my counselor, Sushila, from India - why do I think that she was to enter into an arranged marriage upon her return to India? It's frustrating! One thing I do remember is that there was an off-season get together in Riverdale one winter, either after the summer of '73 or '74. These days, whenever I drive down the Henry H udson Parkway into the city, I still recognize the building where it was held, and I do remember how exciting and strange it was to see everyone in such a completely different context.

Nancy Donner mentioned her autographed pillowcase from the final social in 1973 - I still have mine as well! Some of the signatures are a complete mystery, such as this from a bunkmate: "Despite all the fights, we still had a great summer." What the heck was that about?? I guess we 11 years olds mixed it up a few times that summer, but I'll be darned if I can recall anything specific.

Does anyone out there remember Lark Ginsberg (not sure of the spelling of her last name - Ginsburg? Ginzberg?)? Judging from my old photos, we were good friends one summer ('74?), and I believe that same summer, someone in my bunk had a pet skunk named Oreo (whose scent glands had been removed, of course!).

I enjoyed reading Francis Harris' story of how he was introduced to Kokosing by his school principal - my niece is currently a student at St. Ann's. Also in the "small world" department - Andy Parrett mentions in his bio that one of his daughters worked in Ridgefield, CT one summer - well, I live in Ridgefield, so that, too, brought a chuckle.

I've got many more Kokosing memories, mostly small and simple in nature, but wonderful nonetheless: making lanyards, lying on my bed after lunch reading my mail, the awe of visiting my sister Lisa in the CIT cabin, skimming my fingertips on the water's surface while waterskiing, developing my first photo in the darkroom. The list goes on and on. Thanks to the organizers of this reunion for letting these memories rise to the top once again.
1-31 Janet Chaiken (Sprance) Yes, Leah, there was a production of Oliver before '72, maybe '70? Nancy Donner played Nancy, Arlo played Fagin, Tony Gleicher played the rich bloke who adopts Oliver. I'm not sure I remember who played Oliver.... Keith Berliner, maybe?! Among other things, I also remember eagerly attending the James Taylor concert, mistakenly expecting James Brown (but not unhappy with my mistake!) Do you all realize many more of us would STILL be connected and/or best of friends if we'd had the availability of IM the way our kids do today?! They are very lucky to have that technology available to them. But, you may also realize, because the school year activities often impact the kids' summer schedules, they often don't have the opportunity to spend 1 or 2 months away at camp, the way we did. Times have changed! See you in April! - Jan
1-31 Nicky Nichtern Hi - My brother David and I were at Kokosing from 1958 to 1963. One summer, Ronnie Rothenberg and I were sweethearts, but my last year I was the Arts and Crafts counselor and met, and then married the next June, Harry Bird, who was conveniently the Shop counselor. Altho the marriage only lasted 4 years we have two fabulous children, Kelvy Bird (aged 38) and Matthew Bird (age 37). Both went to Kokosing for one summer in the 70's, didn't love it the way I had, and went on to fall in love with other summer programs.

Five years ago, while working at The Churchill School in NYC I remet Julie Miller, who had been one of my campers, and Andrea Hirshman and we've reminisced every time we ran into each other at school.

I've already reconnected with many of my buddies from my wonderful Kokosing years and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in April. For a brief moment I thought I'd marry Steve Sugar and be the only Kokosinger to have married TWO guys from camp, but he wasn't the slightest bit interested in helping me get into the Guinness Book of Records!!!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and taking the time to set up the photos - LOVE looking at them. And here are a few more. [DK: which will be posted soon.] Somewhere I have many more bunk pictures but as I've just moved from NYC to Providence RI it may take me a carton or two to find them. All best. nicky
1-31 Leah Rachlis Thanks Barry - as the Art Teacher - I have lunch duty 3 days a week, when it is too cold we watch movies - we've been watching Oliver - I had to wonder how it is that I know all the words by heart - I know I wasn't in the production (was not my thing at all!) but I wonder if I was painting sets... that would have been more my thing... so, does anyone remember a house party on Long Island (also circa 71-73) - there is an intersection in West Hempstead, that I used to drive past almost daily - and the memory just faded over the years, but the initial memory was a "camp party" with an older crowd, and the younger group of us who wandered the neighborhood, and spent most of the night in a fast food restaurant. I have know Idea who I was with - Chris does not remember this - maybe it was more Long Island people... Leah ( enjoying a snow day today!!!!
1-30 Ellen Bovarnick

Hello All: I am looking for a place to stay on Saturday night after the party. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ellen Bovarnick -

1-29 Janet Chaiken (Sprance) Nancy, how could you be forgotten?! I only attended Kokosing for 4 years, but it was a lifetime of great memories and experiences. A lot of my memories were via the theater activities in the Rec Hall (as a camper, and counselor), so I feel I've "touched" so many of you (literally, and otherwise).

As you all know, leaving camp at the end of each summer was always tearful and depressing, but it was so nice to know that for many of you "local" to Bayside, NY, within the next couple of weeks following camp, we would meet again at my house, hang out in the backyard, and train over to a Met game @ Shea Stadium.

My favorite memories are not only of the all nighters in the Rec Hall, preparing for the shows, with Warren Austerer, John Vena, Nancy Donner, and a myriad of others, including the head drama counselor at the time: Joel Cheskin, Guy ? (from England, who first introduced "Yes" to our virgin ears), and Peggy Weiner, but include: the Pre-Unions (at Van Cortlandt Park?), the truck accident on the way home from Old Homes Day ('69?), the canoe trips, trips to Hanover (Dartmouth computer center, the Village Green), "not" waterskiing (I finally got up the very LAST time I tried.... Thanks, Josh!), Fire Island, and special memories of a variety of sorts of Josh Gillenson, Andy Parret, Tony Gleicher, Chuck Schwerin, Brian and Doug Wilson, Nancy Donner, and Hermine Graylin.

My love of theater blossomed here, and I continued my theater activities in high school. Now my daughter (18) is a freshwoman at Muhlenberg College, studying musical theater! My son (22) was pursuing cartooning, film, and animation at Ithaca College, and now looking at School of Visual Arts for the fall. My husband is the director of radio for Consumer Reports magazine, and I'm in my 29th year working with IBM, in a variety of sales and marketing jobs. (I used to just be living that many years.... and I still don't feel like an adult, but I'm not sure that will ever change!)

2004 was an awful year, for a variety of reasons with which I won't bore you now. In any case, I'm glad it's 2005, and I am SO excited to see you all in April. So much has happened to all of us since our Kokosing years, and I've forgotten a lot of things inbetween, but my Kokosing years are UNforgettable!
My brother Stu should be chiming in at some point, and I'll be sending along some "current" pix.

Thanks to the reunion committee for getting this together! I can't wait to see you all! Jan

1-30 Barry Mazor Sure there was, Leah.. That was directed by Guy Feldman, drama counselor from over in the UK, in '71, I think; someone will nail that. You may recall two young guys named Warren Austerer and John Vena being pretty determined to build a stage-size bridge for act two that would hold the whole cast. They could have used the wood from that thing to rebuild the rec hall later, but I don't think it worked out that way.
1-28 Leah Rachlis

I cried when I read Jon Franks posting (in the Writing Gallery).

I do remember the flag pole - and flag raising. and so much more. Lonnie's mention of Kokosing being a refuge is probably the understatement of the millenium - strange to think that Kokosing was my sanity. But it was. I think we all felt accepted and encouraged, and a sense of belonging - hard to find in this world.

Memory jogger: Was there a production of Oliver sometime between 68-73? And- A non-sanctioned "camp party" somewhere on Long Island, maybe Hempstead, maybe Roslyn - circa 1973 - probably I was way too young to be there... Mets games with Josh - why do I remember that - how did we get there - how did I get home? In a correspondence with Negina today she said - she is not sure what is a memory and what she made up, I couldn't have made these up... Leah

Leah (

note from DK: Leah's photos include some sad shots of the burnt down Arts and Crafts cabiin and the collapsed Rec Hall. They will be posted over the weekend, I hope.

1-28 Lisa Ferman (Goodman) Hello Everyone! Thanks to all who have organized this website and are planning the reunion. What a fantastic treat this is. So long ago, and just a blink away... the memories are pouring in...laughs, leeches, loves. Cold mornings, sweating all day, dancing, Sally Unger's smile.

Transported, every time I walk by a certain restaurant, I smell food from the mess hall. 62' -Jonny Spain, Steve Sugar, Willie Days, they were the older guys, so nice to us little ones. ( I think someone washed my mouth out with soap by the trampoline?- Dickie H?) Folkdancing, singing, (get choked up when I hear 1/2 of em') doing art, lanyards, the quiet library - I went there when I found out my cousin died and couldn't leave. Capture the flag, kittens all the time, Becky Perkins and your mom were so sweet, Susan Stewart, Nina, Terry B, Jeff Greene, Abby, Rosanne, David A, Judd, Jonathan Franks, Gregg, Judy Enteen, Rena, Mrs. R., Lisa R., all the Rs, South Pacific - I remember so many faces from these pictures, Wendy and Emily, the bell, Amy Gillenson's grin, Warren's red hair, Luther's hugs, the dreaded infirmary, canteen, getting mail, trips to Hanover and Thetford Center.

All my summers from 62' - 69' - memories that are so rich, mostly wonderful, so lucky to have them all. Thanks for being stuck in there, everybody. email:
1-28 Ronnie Rothenberg I was visiting with my Mom (Anne) today and showed her how to go onto the Kokosing website (she'd never been on the internet before; only knew how to check her e-mail). She was so moved by several of the photos displayed there. Maybe she'll spend some time reading the wonderful writings already submitted. As you may know, my Dad (Bill Jr.) passed away on December 10, 2003 after suffering from the effects of a stroke 6 years earlier. During those 6 years, he lived in a home for the aged since he was unable to care for himself and had lost most of his ability to speak. My Mom was at the home every day for those 6 years except for one (the day my daughter Melanie graduated from Skidmore college). My Mom was the most devoted wife to my Dad and she really misses having him with her. She is really looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone there. I'm glad to see that some of my cousins will be at the reunion, and I hope that even more of the family will be able to be there. Though the Rothenbergs were mostly settled on the East Coast years ago, they have spread all over the U.S. and Europe now. I appreciate the comments made on the message board, especially those asking others to write in regardless of their successes in life. We've all had our ups and downs, and fortunately now my family and I are in a good place in our lives. I did go through a difficult medical period 3 years ago when I suffered a heart attack and had to have triple bypass surgery, but I am well now and try to do all I can to stay that way. It's great to read about everyone, so please write in. Ronnie Rothenberg
1-27 David K. Read Jonathan Franks wonderful piece in the Writing Gallery - There's Nothing You Can Do About Growing Up; Finally! The Schulson family - photo 2-1. That's Rachel (Betty) Ellenberg Schulson and family.
1-27 Lonnie Lore (Beer) As a planner of the reunion, I've been thinking a lot about how the years have passed by and that we have all filled those years in so many different ways. I really don't want the bio message board to either intimidate people who feel like their lives aren't impressive enough or make people feel like they can't write if they've done things that are off the beaten path. I am not saying let's all send in our dirty laundry, unless of course, you want to, but I'm also not saying let's all write in only if we have 2.2 kids, a fabulous job, and a house in suburbia. Here's my invitation to you all. Write in and let us know how you are doing. None of us is perfect. If I am sounding like a social worker, I am. But I'm also someone who has struggled for the better part of her adult life with trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. If you look at the picture I sent in, it looks like I have a great family and I do and I have a lot to be thankful for, but life isn't easy and there's always lots of stuff behind photos of happy families. Just want to take the pressure off. I also think that what we never knew at camp is that some of us, myself included, came from particularly dysfunctional homes and camp was our oasis. Back then, we didn't really know how to share the pain and suffering in our September-June lives. Maybe now we are old enough to be slightly more honest. No pressure, just some random thoughts that I wanted to share.
1-26 Rachel (Betty) Ellenberg Schulson Bruce Sklar--you remember correctly--we panhandled in downtown Montreal. If I remember right, the counselor in charge misjudged the money (or we stayed an extra day) and we had to fend for ourselves for at least one meal. We thought it was an adventure and the food tasted that much better having worked for it. I can still hear the voice of a more seasoned panhandler who approached each of the groups sitting in the park (I think this was the same trip) and asked "Can I sing you a song for a dime?" I think it was Uri who took him up on it.
1-26 Reunion Committee (Rachel) A correction on the email address list we sent out today: Steve Presberg's address (listed wrong on about half of the lists) should be . Please contact me ( if your address is incorrect or you change it. We will update the list if we have a number of changes. Thank you.
1-26 Bruce Sklar! Yes!! Nixon resigning,by the tennis courts II think i was counselor that year with Josh Gillenson and Jeff Baulknight,Bunk 10,maybe.

other memories to trigger conversation. 1972 -(i think 1972..I bunked with steve skollar above me). getting caught in the boys bunk (mid-day)with 4 or 5 girls by Anne Rothenberg. "you have 300 acres to go get..$#$#$ just dont do it in the boys bunk" etc. I would like to swear innocence to the charge.... 10 minute thump Ho corn... the kids love corn!! 1970 montreal photo trip ---saved from lack of food by the magical appearance of Jeff Baulknights dad who got us pizza.we were wandering around Expo at night for some reason..Am I right remembering us PANHANDLING for change in downtown Montreal!? Our bunk-Dan Post myself and some others getting the real "green death' after a baseball game at another camp with bad water.Two weeks of Wabo trying to force dry toast into me and girls bringing us chicken soup in our "quarantine'I also remember having absolutley no idea how to steal a base.Sorry Doug... Jeff Vahanians older sister organizing a predawn protest walkout. All for now. See everybody in April Bruce sklar
1-25 Melissa Block August 8, 1974: does anybody else remember watching Nixon resign on a tiny black and white tv set up by the tennis court? Other memories: the smell of those hole-y candles we'd make in milk cartons at the arts and crafts building (with Billy Joel singing Piano Man in the background)... And best of all, the silky feel of the lake if you were lucky enough to be the first one out on waterskis in the (brrrr!) morning.
1-25 David Kertzner Writing Gallery: Read Francis Harris' eloquent reflection on how he got to Kokosing and what it meant in the end. New in the Photo Gallery: Barry Mazor and his wife, Nina! (photo13-1)
1-23 Steve Sugar Jeff Schachner - While it's been quite a few years, I remember both you and Carol with great affection. I certainly recall Carol's indomitable spirit, her athletic skills and her infectious smile. And, if I'm not mistaken, you were not without some of the above, as well.

I'm truly saddened to hear about Carol's passing. I'd bet that the determination and enthusiasm she owned as a teenager could only have continued to develop and grow as she did.

While there's probably not much one can say, at this point, I wanted you to know that, even after all these years, those early connections still elicit powerful feelings and memories. Take good care.
Steve Sugar

1-23 David Kertzner Click these links to read new contributions in the Writing Gallery: Lisa Zwirn's 'Finding Camp Kokosing' and Lonnie Lore (Beer)'s 'Searching for Andy Berman'
1-23 Betty Lehrman Hello, All,
We've got about two feet of snow outside; there's chicken soup bubbling on the stove; and I'm thinking about my most important memories from my Kokosing years ('68-'70 as a camper; '72 as an assistant counselor.) The canoe trips were amazing... I don't remember any major mishaps going down the CT (except I recited all of "Nick Danger" to some hapless soul in my boat one year), but there was one trip across Lake Champlain which was pretty scary. I think it was just one other counselor and myself and a bunch of kids. The wind was whipping, the waves were really high, and I wasn't sure if we were going to reach the island we were camping on.

We did, and camped inside some old abandoned building.

Then there was the James Taylor concert at the Shed in Tanglewood; the Judy Collins concert (in Burlington?) where we knocked on the stage door and met her before the show... then she dedicated a song to us; and "There's a Girl in My Soup" with William Shatner at some small theatre in NH (I got his autograph - and recently sold it on E-Bay.) I spent my Kokosing life mostly in the Koko bunk, the rec hall and at the waterski dock. Remember Roneo rodent, the mouse who always came to visit us when we'd work on the Kokosinger late at night? And how Barry was always in three places at once putting together the next Kokosinger?
Remember the occasional and wonderful skiing around the lake before breakfast?
(Thanks, Josh & Matt.)

And yes, those socials, and all of the decorations we made... I remember slow dancing with a favorite counselor, Jim Greaves, in '68 or '69... I think I stood on his feet while he gently propelled me around the room.

I remember playing a eunuch in "A Funny Thing Happened..." and Tina, the dance counselor, letting me help choreograph "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" in Guys and Dolls. (Now I'm a drama teacher.) There was watching the moon landing in the library in '69, and loads of music every year. ("And it's one, two three, what are we fighting for?") I remember my very first kiss (but I won't say who it was from.) But my absolute favorite memory was sitting on the side of the hill discussing what topics we were doing for Town Meeting, and someone saying "OK, who volunteers for pre-marital sex?"

In the early '80s I worked as a counselor at Sunapee Arts Camp/ Golden Arrow, which was somewhat modeled on Kokosing. A bunch of us drove from Georges Mills, NH to visit Kokosing/Thoreau on our day off. A lot had changed, but a lot felt the same...
Looking forward to the reunion!
Betty Lehrman

PS A note to the Hirshmans & Steve Caccavo - I've become an avid tennis player! (As I recall, I could never hit any kind of ball in my Kokosing tenure!)
1-23 Nancy Donner (Martin) You know, as you get older, you have to make decisions about what items from your past are worth keeping. One thing I have never let go of is a pillowcase that was signed by all my Kokosing friends the night of the final social in 1973. That was the last of (what I think) was 8 years there! Ah, the socials. Wondering if that cute boy will cross the floor and ask me to dance?

So, everyone is writing about sports and trucks and the like (and I wish somebody who remembers me would please confirm in writing? so my husband doesn't think I'm making this up cause now I'm such a city girl; that I really did go on canoe trips and climb mountains and do tricks on the trampoline). But a big part of my Kokosing memories are days spent in the Rec Hall. Reading notes from Danny and Arlo, I'm remembering being in Oliver! with them. And playing Anita in West Side Story (with blonde hair and braces), working out harmonies with Janet Chaiken, another blonde, as Maria. Or directing You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. That was a hoot.

I have a zillion wonderful memories. But I have to tell you one corny story. Recently, I was meeting with a headhunter for a high-profile job. She asked me about experiences in my life that have molded me. The first thing that popped into my head was Kokosing and its motto...remember this one? Develop a Self-Strong Image in an Atmosphere of Peaceful Co-existence. That's what molded me. 8 years of Kokosing. Can't wait to see all in April. Nancy Donner (Martin)
1-23 (Betty) Rachel Ellenberg My memory of the place we stopped on the way to camp was Rye Playland. Can anyone else confirm this? (Betty) Rachel Ellenberg

Confirmed - David Kertzner
1-22 David Kertzner Snow-storm weekend special. See the modern Josh, Sally and family - photos 16-1 and 16-2.
1-22 Jeffrey Vahanian I was in NYC for a conference this week, the highlight of which was a two hour get together with Francis Harris! It has been 31 years since he and I saw one another, yet we picked things up like it was just yesterday. We hugged, laughed, got a bit teary eyed, high-fived, shook our heads in disbelief several times during the first half hour, relived many events from our past, and mostly confirmed the power of our friendship and the bond that was created so long ago. Francis and I both agree that if this is a signal of what our reunion is going to be like, we are all going to have a wonderful time. Take care everyone. Keep the pictures coming for the site and the video. And please e-mail me your memories of favorite songs from your days at camp. Jeffrey Vahanian
1-22 Dan Kaplan Wow, as someone else said, the memories, amazing details, keep flooding back to me. It’s so wonderful to remember everyone through words and pictures and soon in person. To respond to Francis, I think the place we stopped for lunch on the bus ride to camp was Mt. Tom – a deserted or abandoned ski resort. Jon – I think Anne’s play in 1967? was called “Growing Up.” I remember that song, “there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how you try, no reason anyone would doubt it, goes on until the day you die” and also Bertie Wallach singing “I hate intermission….” For several years of my life, the school year was just a long drawn out bore until I could go back to camp and see all my friends again. Memories: Didn’t the doctor also give out bandaids for headaches? Watching Nixon’s resignation speech on a TV next to the tennis courts. The incredible mud slide down the boys bunk line, until it was stopped when someone cut up their leg. Toast with chocolate sprinkles at the Village Green and a Bonnie Raitt concert in Hanover. Learning Punjabi and Swahili from some of the international counselors. Skinny dipping in the pitch dark after the campers were asleep. And yes, the amazing canoe trips – St Lawrence River and Lake Champlain - and hiking trips to Franconia Notch. Bug juice, Grover’s voice, socials, crying our eyes out after the final banquet and wrapping ourselves in blankets on the last cold morning at the end of August. I can’t wait to see everyone. My email address is Dan Kaplan.
1-22 Jeff Schachner Donna, My name is Jeff Schachner-my sister Carol (a great tennis player) and I attended many years-1963-69-last few as ass't and as full counselor. I remember you- esp. as a friend of my sister. It's important because she passed away a few years ago, and I do remember the great days at camp, where she did so well, and you were a friend. Apropos to your writing of the "awards in the rec hall," I remember and was curious if you (or anyone else listening remembers?) Carol Schachner won the Baseball Award for her age group campers (both genders-1 award-YES!)-around 1963-plaque posted in, you got it, Rec Hall. A good way to remember her, as I did relate the award to the attendees of her funeral. My best to all the Rothenbergs, family and founders, all. Jeff Schachner (class of "always")
1-22 Margo Hirshman (Roca)

Hey Matt Warschauer, I bet you still remember all the words to Nick Danger. I know it kept me paddling during some of those great canoe trips. It's so great to hear from you all. Margo Hirshman (Roca) -

PS, Everytime I hear Wild Horses--it still brings fond memories and tears!

1-22 Carin Thall what a great snowed in day to reflect back on my many wonderful memories of the best summers of my growin up years, those at kokosing..ko-ko-sing, kokosing, kokosing, yeahhhhhhhh kokosing ! my favorite event each summer was the final social..i just remember dancing slow with bruce jackman to wild horses and sobbing at the thought of leaving all my friends (by the way bruce, i'm trying to get jeff v. to post a pic of me wearing your overalls, cause that's what i remember wearing every day !) some of the greatest times were so simple...just sitting and watching the guys play basketball...greg, uri, bob's , francis, andy, dan post and many i watch my husband coach both my sons, alex-15 and zach-13 as they play point guards on a variety of teams and i go to all their games which bring back the same excitement i felt all those times in camp. i've told them i was a good athlete back then but they don't seem to beieve me..maybe someone can verify that for me...other simple tho amazing times were when we hung out in the summer, andrea, lonnie, leslie, margo and i were all together...and we would just laugh and laugh and drive peggy crazy..i know i did of the greatest moments i recall was when peggy announced her engagement to doug...that to me was like my life was complete..2 people i loved were goin to spend the rest of their lives great was that for us to experience as teenage girls growing up and exploring the world around us...only campers and counselors from kokosing could really understand the bond we all shared (quite evident by the display of emotions from so many people on this website)..i can't believe i am going to be seeing you all again...i never thought that would happen in my life time..that i would see the smith brothers again...that in itself is's been so great to be reunited with so many people...thanks andrea, lonnie and betty for searching for me and leslie-you guys have done an amazing job and i've loved speaking to you-sharing memories and reflecting together...i've been in contact with greg dain and that's been so special to me..we were such great friends in camp (calling each other mucus/membrane buddies??!) but lost contact after camp..also, thanks to jonny frank for the great e-mails-you have a special place in my heart..and jeff vahanian (arlo) who everyone thought was my brother and who i remember feeling like he was..and david-thanks for putting this trememdous website together-does anyone remember the cit reunion at david's house where we all shared the same room and slept on the floor in our sleeping bags like we were in camp?? i know this is lengthy so i will stop here...but these are just a few of my fond memories of camp kokosing and a few of the many people who made it so special to me...everyone else, i can't wait to see you at the reunion..drop me an e-mail and say hello Carin
1-21 Chuck Harris In June of '72, Francis and I had just moved to D.C. just weeks before the start of camp. Francis and I were racing our bikes until Francis fell implanting a small stone in his hand. The stone remained in his hand throughout the first few weeks. His hand got infected which affected his basketball game. Since the infirmary was unable to do anything, the camp allowed Bob Slater(RIP) to drive him to a Hanover hospital to get the stone removed. Up to that point, we didn't know he had a stone in his hand. I was able to go and we had a great lunch (hamburgers!) at this great place in downtown Hanover. Later that summer just like in '71, I was a resident for a week in the infirmary and the infamous Dr.'Swab It' Silvers. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get back to the friendly confines of Bunk 15. Also, who could ever forget THE CANTEEN. Boy, I use to love that candy room. And, what about that ONE PAY PHONE and the long lines waiting to make a call. Looking back on those summers, I wish I could have taken more special interests in Arts and Crafts. I always will never forget those meals in the mess hall, the bug juice out of that big steel drum, how we would stand, then silence and with those words...Be Seated, please! Chuck Harris
1-21 Andrea Beck (Stegman) I had the "pleasure" of spending a night in the infirmary in either 1973 or 1974. I had strep throat, so I actually did need a throat swab! I remember that the infirmary had a very pungent smell. I was the only person sleeping there that night, and it was extremely quiet and dark. The bed had rough but clean sheets and a very heavy blanket. I didn't get much sleep since my throat hurt so much, and it was a little scary in there! At least the bed was by a window, and I remember being able to see the moon. After spending the night, I was free to go, but I returned three times a day for the next ten days to take penicillin pills (which REALLY hurt to swallow!). It was not one of my best Kokosing memories. -- Andrea (Beck) Stegman
1-21 Cookie Freeman How could it be I am 46 now, it seems like just yesterday I was getting on the bus to take me to Kokosing, I can still hear everyone singing the song as we about to enter camp for the beginning of the Summer. I can see the Ski doc as I write this. Josh Gillenson teaching Steve Skollar and I how to water ski. The ever patient ( ok maybe not so patiently ) waiting my turn to get on the trampoline. The Christmas in July Celebrations. My very first viewing of Lost Horizons in the Rec hall. I so look forward to seeing every one again. FEAR NOT in my mind we have not aged one bit * wink* Adrienne G. Freeman (Cookie Freeman)
1-20 Lonnie Lore I remember the throat swabs and that they were the supposed cure-all for everything, even a skinned knee. Can't be too careful. The knee bone is connected to the throat bone even if it is a circuitous route. Other fond you think that the grinders from Hatch's were really so delicious or was it just that they were brought to us in the middle of the night by counselors who felt sorry for us...a song about "good old reliable Hatch's, Hatch's, Hatch's, Hitch's light lunch...Danny Kaplan as Nathan Detroit, still the best rendition I've ever seen, the Northern Lights, I'm still upset that the counselors who saw them in 1973 didn't wake up the campers in the middle of the night, they just raved the next day and made us all wish they had rung that bell and gotten us out of bed ( To this day, I still haven't seen them)...walking through a swamp of I don't want to know what in front of the Memorial Library on the way from the girl's bunk to the lake, the quarter mile test, washing our hair in the lake (must have been using biodegradable shampoo, right? list goes on and on.
1-20 Francis Harris I'd like to read some messages from any former campers who put in a stay in the infirmary bunk (since I never stayed there during my years as a camper or CIT). What was it like, what disease did you have that forced the good doctor to seperate you from your bunk mates, and how long were you in for?

Does anybody know if the residents of Thetford Center still observe Old Home's Day (every July 4th). I loved going to the town fair and sampling some of Thetford Center's best cuisine. Camp began on July 1st of every summer, and we all got on buses in Riverdale, Manhattan, Brooklyn, etc. Would someone please tell me the name of the place ( it looked like an abandoned amusement park or ski resort) where all of the buses converged for lunch, and we got to see who was back for another summer.

I'm hoping that the organizers are able to locate Max Ogur, and that he will be atttending the reunion. I'm sure all of you remember Max's singing, and his rendition of "My Zelda," and my second favorite "Hitchin A Ride." And to all of the people who put together the final Kokosinger each summer. It was great, and you guys and girls always did a great job. There was nothing I loved more (maybe Grover's jelly omelettes) than getting the weekly Kokosinger (kind of a Sunday New York Times for Kokosing campers), and reading about the previous week's events. - Francis Harris
1-19 Bob Presberg How cool is this that so many of us have retained enough brain cells to remember the Kokosing summers of more than 30 years ago! Those canoe trips were something else. I have similar memories including one where several backpacks sailed down the river never to be seen again. On the maintenance of the buses, there were always brake problems. Do I remember it right that they were always being serviced by Eastman at the bottom of the hill? Did they know anything about buses? It is funny, the things you remember. For example, I remember Doug and Dave singing limericks one night in the boys bunkline…something about an old hermit named Dave…and an old man from Nantucket… and others.

Who remembers Dr Silvers and the famous throat swab? If you sprained your ankle, he would give you a throat swab. I can still smell that wintergreen today. And what about Chef Grover? What was in that mystery meat anyway? The Hanover tournaments are also still vivid in my memory. Doug and Dave leading us little leaguers to victory in 1969….and the steak dinner at Landers. The softball team also made it to Landers, I think, in 1974? I remember Robbie Lawin being the scout for our softball team in 1970 or 1971. He would watch other games during the tournament and know exactly where to position the outfielders. Who remembers the game against Twin Lakes, extra innings and the 3-0 count on Greg Dain with the bases loaded with 2 outs and the tying run on third? As I remember, the pitcher came back with 2 strikes, and on a 3-2 count Greg lined out to third on what might have been ball 4. I hope my memory right on this. And what about the raids of the Corn Barn? And the best BLT sandwich ever made at Hatch’s. These are just a few of my memories. Bob Presberg (1968-1974,
1-19 Mark Saleman I spoke to Ken Schwab last night who told me about the site and the reunion. I have to list myself as a probably not at this point for making it to the reunion. I was at Kokosing from 73 - 75, in 75 I was one of the "Grease Monkeys" who lived in the White House. I somehow managed to make it through that entire summer, even though half of us were fired or quit. I read the postings about the softball team, I was not a member of the team, but they did win it in 74. In 73 they got to the semi finals, but had to win twice according to the rules at the time. If I recall they won third place in the consolation game. I was on the 73 Connecticut River trip. I actually lost my paddle and jumped into the river to get it. I did get it and got picked up by another canoe who brought me back to my canoe who were not happy about having to wait for me. In 74 I was on Josh's White Mountain backpacking trip. I have a few photos of that trip and some of the camp somewhere in my garage. They were taken on my Kodak Instamatic Camera (which I still have but they have not made the film for it in over 20 years). I'll try to dig those up and scan them over for the photo gallery.
1-19 Paul Lehrman

It's just wonderful to see all these names come on this message board. And I'm astounded at how many faces I can conjure up in my mind that go with those names. I just hope I can recognize some of those faces when we meet in April!

I was never a camper at Kokosing, I was just there as a counselor, but I agree with everyone who has said that the summers there were always exciting and meaningful. I would add the word "intense"--we had eight weeks (some of us four) to cram in an incredible amount of activity, accomplishments, and relationships, and we all worked very hard at it.

(see the rest of Paul's eloquent writing of recollections in the Writing Gallery)

1-18 Richard Whitehill WOW! What a wonderful treat to read your notes. Hopefully I can add to the mix.

To those who inquire about Tony Gleicher, I have been in contact with his younger brother Nick (no longer Nicky), who is happy and in Texas. Nick was forwarding my message to Tony. Hopefully we can convince both of them to show in April. Tony was the catcher on our softball team (70-73) an exceptional tennis player and canoeist, and an even better guitar player. In our bunk at night, we' d request a song, and he would play 'Classical Gas' in the dark. It was outstanding. His younger brother Nick was an 11 year old camper in the bunk when Warren Austerer was head counselor, and Bruce Jackman and I were the junior staff.

And yes, I remember (71?) going over a the middle of a wooden bridge that was lying sideways in the middle of the Connecticut, smashing into a rock, tipping over, and going backwards down the rapids with a paddle and no boat. My bow man (Jeff, but not Baulknight) on the shore, proudly displaying the life vests (all 3) he'd saved. I wound up getting rescued from rocks in the middle of the rapids. Later that day, Doug Smith, Dave Margolis and a few campers tried to pry a canoe off the rocks, and it bent in half. We went 4 or 5 in a canoe the rest of the trip.
1-16 Francis Harris Many times I have tried to explain my Kokosing experience over the years to people I've met. But how do you explain- Town Meetings on Sunday Mornings; Canteen (I loved Orange Crush); mudslides down the boys bunkline; playing territories with a jacknife in the boys bunkline (and that other game where we throw a small ball on the roof of the bunk and catch it after several bounces); socials; Grinders and Monster Shakes from Hatch's; looking at the movie Wait Until Dark in the Mess Hall; and Doug Smith announcing after dinner "That the following people received packages."
1-16 Chuck Harris First and foremost, I'd like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to all of the organizers of the reunion, in particular Betty, Andrea, and Lonnie. My camp years (1971-1975) were some of the best years of my life. The anticipation of those summer years always got me excited! I would like to hear about some favorite Hanover Treat trips. I remember my age group in '75 went to see this production of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. My brother, Francis in '73, I think went to see Paper Moon. Also, Maximilian Schieder (Roy's daughter of JAWS fame) attended Kokosing in 75. Does anyone know where she is?
1-16 Bethany Block

Here are the people I can come up with who were CITs, summer of '74: Joy Schneer, Sybil Taylor, Lisa Beck, Ellen Servetar, Alice Gerard, Leslie Greene, Courtney Audain, Lisa Zwirn, Joyce Kaplan, Carin Thall and me. (Lonnie, were you in this group, too, or were you a year ahead of us?) Also: Dave Yokelson, Jeff Loomer, Doug Rodman, Francis Harris and David Kertzner. I think Robert Spano, Andy Berman, and Dan Post were CITs that year, too. -Bethany

(see CIT David Kertzner's analysis of CIT Danny Post's analysis of the Corealis Effect in the Writing Gallery)

1-16 Jonathan Frank

A heartfelt thank you to all involved in the reunion and David for the website. Kokosing was one of the most magical experiences in my life and clearly I am not alone in feeling that way. It is amazing how quickly floods of memories come back with each picture, name and e-mail posted -- far too many to recite but here are some triggered by the website photos and message board.

A special thank you to whomever took and retained the 1971 rock band photos (Barry?), those were some of my favorite moments; and, in that respect, to Josh whose licks and ES-335 were an inspiration (I hope you still have that guitar), Bruce (piano whiz), Barry (autoharp); Max who played and sang like his life depended on it; and most especially, to Paul, who played every instrument better than any of us, arranged the songs; patiently encouraged us neophytes and played mean "John Entwistle" bass solos on My Generation. (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone).

David, I believe you are right, I think the softball team won in 74 (after my eligibilty ended) and I recall Jeff Willick (RIP) -- go Teaneck -- crushing a home run ball further than anyone I'd ever seen to cap off the game. And if I remember it right, he insisted on hitting with a wooden, not aluminum, bat.

As to Francis and tennis, I think I would have liked for you to have gotten on the tennis courts. It probably would have made me feel much better about my mostly futile efforts on the basketball court. Even when I learned to shoot a jump shot, it still started closer to the ground than the rim resulting in memorable moments such as Rob Lawin rejecting my drive to the basket and proclaiming himself "Lawinton," as in Bill Walton -- not to mention shot rejections from Bob, you, Uri and others. For what its worth, I agree with Margo, its not too late to start. |

Sally, I remember Lisa Fuhrman, she was a Kokint with us in 67, wasn't she? But I don't have any contact info. Do you remember Ann's musical from that summer? I just remember the girls song "Ice cream on my dress" Dan, do you recall?

Tony Gleicher not only was a terrific guitar and tennis player, if I recall his canoe always lurched light years in front with every one of his strokes, no matter who he had with him. Gary Golding was always nice enough to lag behind with the canoes I sterned. Speaking of which, Josh Barnett (or anyone else), remember the "1000 Dead Fish Trip" on which virtually every camp ground we were supposed to stay at, refused to let us?

Anyone recall the thunderstorm/tornado--the first such in around 100 years in Vermont-- which was so blinding you could not see anything and toppled one of the big trees in front of the mess hall? And after which we held the always eagerly anticipated mud slide down the boys bunkline

to be continued . . . Bean 3 (after Greg Dain and Danny Kaplan)

1-16 Carin Thall

hi everyone..i just came on the website and have been reading all the writings...firstly, i just want to say thanks to all of you who have planned this kokosing reunion and given me constant amazing memories of those great summers.

(see more of Carin's memories in the Writing Gallery)

1-16 Bruce Jackman In response to Lonnie Lore Beer's piece, my memories are similar to yours regarding the rides in the green truck. I'm sure some of the safety standards that are in place now have saved many lives and are probably needed, but I don't think we're having as much fun! On a return from hiking Mount Washington or a Canoe trip were outstanding, singing songs and just being together. My kids attend a camp, but since they have an interest in tennis, they've attend local camps, in Maryland and a Nike camp in New Jersey focused on teaching tennis lessons. Although, they've enjoyed it, I'm sure they will not have the fond memories, many have shared on this message board. A sign of the times. Bruce Jackman '68 -'73

Francis, I agree, I wish we captured one of those championships. We had a log of talent on those teams. But, my basketball skills got stronger over the summers at Kokosing playing against you and all of the people that you mentioned in your piece. I hope to see y'all (I live in the mid-Atlantic now) in April
1-16 Bethany Block I think you're right, Lonnie, about Robbie Lawin being in the stern; I was in the middle of that canoe. What I also remember is heading off on that trip hearing jokes about a trio of paddlers on a previous trip who had crashed into "the only rock in the middle of the river," then heading down those rapids and hearing you calling out "rock on the right, rock on the left, ROCK IN THE MIDDLE!!" as we hit. It took a whole crew of strong bodies to peel the canoe off that rock - but I have no memory as to how the three of us then made it the rest of the way to our campsite. I also remember another canoe trip on Lake Champlain - the wind was against us, it started to rain, and when it became obvious we'd never make our pre-aranged campsite, we paddled off into some sort of tributary to make camp, only to be "greeted" by the property owner pointing his gun at us! I guess our counsellors were able to convince him we were harmless...and we were allowed to camp there that night.
1-14 Steve Presberg Hello everybody. I noticed Sally Unger's recollection of me being on a canoe trip, and I thought I'd check in with a clarification. I'm happy to be in Sally's memory, but in my Kokosing tenure (1968 - 70), I never once stepped on or into a canoe, rowboat, waterski - in fact, the only time I can flatly say with certainty that I ever even went into the lake at all was after the 1969 Hanover Softball tournament when Doug Smith decided to dispose of my bat after my dismal performance. As for everyone's concern and reflection upon rather loose regulations concerning vehicles and drivers, here's another one. Does anyone remember that my mom (Frieda Presberg) worked one summer (I think it was either 1971 or 72) as the Nurse? It obviously did not matter that she was not a nurse. Then again, my vague recollection of some of the licensed "medical" staff from those years was far short of comforting. I can be reached at
1-14 Francis Harris I always loved riding in the back of that green truck, especially returning from a trip at night. All of us packed like sardines in a can. My only concern was when we had to climb the hill leading to the road to camp on our return. Looking back I wonder how that truck made it up that steep hill. Can anybody tell me who was in the CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program with me in 1974 (I already know that David Kertzner was one), but who were the other boys and girls? The boys stayed in the old school house near the camp entrance, and the girls were very close by (that was very nice!!!!). We had a severe bat problem in the old school house that summer. Francis
1-14 Margo Hirshman Roca Francis, I just wanted to say you looked pretty incredible back in that picture--back then, who knew?!! Anyway, it's not too late to learn tennis--I'm still actively pursuing the game and still love it!! Give it a try--are you still living in NY? Margo
1-14 Andrea Hirshman i never understood that my brother saved the day as it seems he did in reading over david's "another boring overnight" posted in the writing gallery.....did any lawsuits ever come from that incident? peter has since told me that in those days Vermont required only visual inspections of vehicles, an inspector simply pumped the brakes and approved or it turned out, a later inspection of the bus showed that there was a slow leak in the brake fluid chamber, which caused the brake line to snap....i remember thinking peter had screwed up and that he was in deep trouble - i was wrong all these years, turns out he was a hero and that bill r. thanked him profusely.....on a somewhat related note - those rides in the back of the open trucks were highlights of every summer....and the Who concert was great, i seem to remember a little candy shoplifting incident on the return home, but i'm not naming any names!
1-13 Brian Smith

Speaking of trips-think how fortunate we were to see all those concerts! Newport Folk and Jazz festivals in 1969!-did Walter Lawrence REALLY get lost overnight?(jazz festival). I drove one of those rattletraps to Newport Folk that year and still remember thinking how “crazy” it was for a 19 yr. old to be driving an old school bus around Boston on the bypass at 55mph!. But in any event, how many people can boast about seeing Big Mama Thornton, Everly Brothers, Joni Mitchell that year or James Taylor in 1970 at Tanglewood(as well as Paul Butterfield); Jackson Brown and America (same location); Tom Paxton(1971) and Judy Collins(Burlington) and of course, The Who in Saratoga in 1971.

Webmaster's Note: They won't get fooled again. (DK)

1-13 Paul Lehrman Margo: Sounds like you're thinking of Tony Gleicher. A picture of him is in the photo gallery. He was a terrific guitar player (he used to play "Classical Gas" at every opportunity) as well as a tennis ace. His younger brother was Nick, and they came from Brookline, Mass. I kept up with Tony for a few years, but lost track of him in the early '80s. Last I heard he was in the marketing division of Bristol-Meyers. Paul
1-13 Lonnie Lore (Beer)

Dave Margolis mentions the trucks and I have given a lot of thought to those vehicles over the years...

(read about Lonnie's recollection of Kokosing Trucks in the Writing Gallery)

1-12 Francis Harris His name was Tony Gleicher (if I'm not mistaken), and he tried to teach me tennis. because he thought I had the athletic skills to play the game. Unfortunately, I didn't not listen to his advice and I regret it to this day.
01-12 Margo Hirshman Roca

I often think of all the canoe trips with such awe. I wonder if I would let my kids do what we did, I don't think in this day of suits that any camp would let them either--but the memories are so incredible, I feel lucky to have them. For all these years, I couldn't remember the name of the river in Maine. Thanks.

Has anyone heard from Tony--he was a tennis counselor--from Massachusetts and had a younger brother at camp as well? I think his real name was Anton and can't think of his last name.

Margo Hirshman Roca

01-11 David Kertzner I have added a posting to the Writing Gallery - now there are two pieces there. It would be great to get some reflective pieces and some bio updates such as the one Margo Hirshman Roca posted.
01-11 Francis Harris

My only regret is that we never won a basketball tournament championship while I was a camper (two second-place finishes in 1971 and 1972). Although I'm happy to have witnessed the softball team's championship (in 1973, if I'm not mistaken). Francis Harris

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: I'm thinking the softball championship was 1974 as I was the centerfielder and I remember celebrating the event.. Robbie Lawin - are you out there to answer this? (DK)

01-10 Todd Anhalt

I wanted to publicly post my overwhelming disappointment at not being able to be at the reunion. Many of my fondest memories are from Kokosing and I've been back to the site a number of times over the years including after it became Camp Thoreau. I am married and have 3 kids (21,18,10). I am a dermatologist and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Stanford University Medical center in California and have a private practice in Mountain View about 6 miles south of Stanford.. I will be lecturing in Italy during the reunion which ain't so bad but in reality, I think I'd rather be with you guys. My brother, Evan is married, has 1 daughter (24). He is an online editor for Fox video in LA. His email is I have been in close contact with Eric Mishkin who currently lives in Upstate NY and is a virologist researcher. His email is I hope to be able to chat with some of you on line.

Bye for now, I'll miss you all.
Todd Anhalt

01-10 Francis Harris

First, let me say that David and Jeff have done an excellent job with these web pages. To the Reunion Organizers (Andrea, Rachel, Lonnie, and everyone else), thank you for doing something that I've waited so long to see happen. I have so many happy memories of my summers at Kokosing (1970-1974). From waiting on tables in the Mess hall, the camp trips, the socials and plays in the Rec Hall, hanging out at the Memorial Library,raiding the girls bunk line, and playing great basketball with Greg Dain, Andy Berman, David Kertzner, Bruce Jackman, Uri Berliner, Norman Salisbury, the Post brothers (Bob and Dan). My counselors (Doug Smith and Rob Lawin, and my favorite basketball coach Chuck Schwerin). Most of all, I remember the feeling of all of us being like family. And this event feels like a family reunion. I looking forward to it.

Francis Harris

01-10 (Betty) Rachel Ellenberg Schulson I am glad to report that we have found Francis Harris and his brother Chuck. If I have the right Jeff Baulknight, he now lives in Japan. We are still searching for Max Ogur and others if anyone has any leads. Thanks, Rachel
01-03 Laura Rifka Stern Hi there, I am looking for the counselors who were on the ill fated Allagash canoe trip. I think in 1971. We started after camp that year and had many disasters until we had to call off the trip. Neither Brian or I have gone back to the river, but we have done a lot of white water out west. Laura Stern (from Cleveland)

RESPONSE from Lonnie Lore (Beer)

I didn't go on the Allagash canoe trip, although I remember others that did go. I did, however, go on a canoe trip on the Connecticut River, I think in 1973. I was in a canoe with Robbie Lawin and the water was quite rough. We crashed into a rock (I'm pretty sure that Robbie was in the stern) and our canoe got a very large hole in it. The water poured into the boat and I watched as all my stuff floated down the river. Nice people tried to grab it with so-so success. This trip was one of the highlights of my total camp experience, despite the mishap with our canoe. - Lonnie



RESPONSE from Barry Mazor

That was a brain teaser, Ms. Laura Stern-- but I remember the water-logged gang coming back and the preparations. Weren't two of the counselors on that trip Gary Golding and Lucy Haug? -Barry Mazor, Nashville


RESPONSE from Sally Unger

I too remember a harrowing trip on the Connecticut River. I was in the midsection with two guys in the stern & bow. Somehow the name Bob Margolis comes to mind as the sternman & maybe Steve Pressburg (?) in the bow. Anyway, we hit a shoot the wrong way and the canoe filled up on both sides. Someone lost their paddle and an unworn life preserver started to float away. I managed to grab the life preserver and floated down the river with my own life preserver, an extra life preserver, my own paddle and no canoe. - Sally Unger


Doug Smith

...and now just a very quick response about canoe trips, especially those that went on the Connecticut River from '68 at least through '73. As the organizer/leader of those trips, for better or for worse, I have so many memories of them, far more than there's time or space to list here. Suffice it to say, that in my near 30 years of teaching, there are now hundreds of students who have heard those stories, mainly for comic effect, and those of you who were on those trips (also those who were involved in other Kokosing activities that were equally NUTS) should know that you live on in story after story that have been told and embellished in my classes so many times over the years that I sometimes can't distinguish truth from fabrication any longer. - Doug Smith

Dave Margolis
I was on 3 or 4 of those Connecticut River canoe trips and, when thinking back, I can't believe that everyone got out alive. Imagine doing a trip like that in todays world of regulations and lawsuits. You load 40 kids and gear in the back of an old (very) flatbed truck with a rickety wooded fence holding people in. The tail pipe is too short so that everyone in the back of the truck breaths exhaust fumes for a six hour ride. The truck is being driven by a 17 or 18 year old who has barely learned to drive a car. Then you get to the river and load up the canoes using no life jackets and head off into rapids where half the canoes will flip in the rocks with no safety helmets used. Most nights were spent lugging every piece of clothing and all sleeping bags into the local town to spend the evening drying everything out. That we lost nobody is amazing. Great trips. Doug Smith and I used to have a running joke that if we ever lost a camper we wouldn't tell anyone. Then, at the end of the summer when the kids were taken home on the buses, we would just tell the parents that their child had been on the bus but must have gotten lost in the parking lot, thus keeping Kokosing out of trouble.
Dave Margolis
12-09 (Betty) Rachel Ellenberg Schulson (updated above) Reunion organizers have been asked by more than one person to track down Max Ogur, Jeff Baulknight, and Francis Harris. If you have any information that can help us find them, please contact (Betty) Rachel Ellenberg Schulson at Can't wait to see everyone!
12-09 Sally Unger Does anyone have any idea where Lisa & Johanna Fuhrman are? They were at Kokosing in the mid to late 60's and lived in Great Neck. ~

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