Special to the Web site:Kokosing History - The Early Years, by Dick Rothenberg.

Read short bios that people have submitted or check out the longer pieces with the links below:

Toby Berger
Stephen Kohn
Update - Andy Seiler
Recollections - Meryl Herwood
Post Reunion Thoughts - Lonnie Lore Beer
Reunion Reflections- Jeffrey Vahanian
A Nite to Remember - Carin Thall
Reunion Reflection - Take 5 - Leah Rachlis
Home Away From Home - Josh Grumet
Googling Kokosing After 40 Years - Ashok Pratap
Another Boring Overnight - David Kertzner
Bye for now, I'll miss all of you - Todd Anhalt
Wild Horses - Paul Lehrman
CanoeTrips - (Carin Thall) Amateau
The Corealis Effect - David Kertzner
On Kokosing Trucks - Lonnie (Lore) Beer
Remains of the Rec Hall - Donna (Rothenberg) Savage
Searching for Andy Berman - Lonnie (Lore) Beer
Finding Camp Kokosing - Lisa Zwirn
On Camp Kokosing - Francis Harris
There's Nothing You Can Do About Growing Up - Jonathan Frank
It is So Amazing To Me - Leah Rachlis
My Memories - Ellen Bovarnick
Dear Bill - Josh Gillenson
True Confessions - Gina Gold
Surviving the St. Lawrence and Other Memories - Deb Kaplan
More Memories - Amy Bach
Hired ... Sight Unseen - Doug Smith
My Mom Needed a Getaway - David Aptaker
If Doug Smith Can Do A Stream of Consciousness... - Lonnie (Lore) Beer
The Statute of Limitations Has Certainly Passed - Larry Shushan
Camp Kokosing Changed Me - Byrd Milic
The Magic of Kokosing - B. Rachel (Ellenberg) Shulson
Hello from Annie Goldstone
Could Have Been on the First Bus Home - Chuck Schwerin
Strategy - and finding Jed Berman - David Hechler Overnight
Bringing It All Back Home - Steve Meyrich
Memorable Moments of The Summer - Ronnie Rothenberg
My Top Ten List of Memories - Adam Nussenbaum
Kokosing - What Else??? - Jennifer Levy (Jenny Zogott)

I Remember - David Hechler
What I Learned at Kokosing - Melinda Meadow

More Than Mudslides - Joshua Barnett

Share your writing about Camp Kokosing days and your life since then. Send us memories of people, moments, events and anything else that strikes you. We would love to have paragraph or two 'bio' updates from those who want to share their 'story' since Kokosing.

We will miss some people at the reunion. While we never lost a camper on any trip, some members of the Kokosing family, sadly, are no longer with us but they are not forgotten. We would like to acknowledge them on a special page. We will gladly post any memories you have of these friends and family. E-mail your recollections to: kokosing@proactive-english.com.

You can submit writing as a Word attachment to an e-mail or in the e-mail itself. Send everything to: kokosing@proactive-english.com and please indicate that you would like your writing posted on the Web site.

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